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 Becoming an elite

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PostSubject: Becoming an elite   Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:54 am

quest name: initation
overview: you decide to train under the sayian elites but first you must pass a initation by parring with their captian who is very strong if you show him your most powerful techniues and even beat him you will become a stronger warrior and they will begin training you under the name of the sayian elites.
requirements: must be a sayian and must have at least 30,000 PL
reward: 1,000 Zenny and 700PL

quest name: first mission
overview: a rebel sayian has planeted some a saibaman seed on the ground and planeted three saibaman. your crew already took care of the saibaman now take out the rebel.(he has 23,000PL)
reqirements: must pass initation, must have sayian armor and scouter and 35,000 PL
rewards: 900 PL and 2,000 Zenny

quest name: oh captian! my captian!
overview: the captian of the elite sayian fighter force has come down with a disease and died yesterday and the group is in a riot to decide who has the right to be captian. their are two twins that each possess 18,000 PL, a larger sayian with 26,000 PL that relies on strengh and the co-captian thats has a powerlevel of 39,000. you can must humiliate them in battle to prove to everyone that you deserve to be the sayian elite captian.
requirements: must pass initation, 45,000 PL , and must have sayian armor and scouter and muist be a member of the sayian race
rewards: +20 alighnment if you spare them but -20 if you kill them, also 30,000 PL and 15,000 zenny
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Becoming an elite
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