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 Know Myself?

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PostSubject: Know Myself?   Tue Jul 13, 2010 10:52 pm

Quest Overview: a rip has opened on your planet and the alternative version of yourself has approached you. he is the complete opposite of yourself and knows everything you know and has the exact same power level and but lacks all the items you have. deafeat your doppleganger and clear your good (or bad) name.

Rewards: X1.25 PL, and +20/-20 alighnment

Ichiro was flying through Earth, looking for a challenge. Someone who could really test his abilities. ' Hmm I cant sense anything... wait I feel something something with a power level of 193,350 just like me! I gotta check this out! ' Then Ichiro flew over to the side of Earth where he felt this power level. It was on the southern side of earth. ' Hmm kinda of weird for the exact power level of me but it feels evil... ' Then he flickered over to the area where the power level was. There was a town... completely ruined. And there was a giant rip in the sky.

Then someone came out of the rip in the sky and it was...... Ichiro. But he had a feeling about him a... dark feeling. Then Evil Ichiro destroyed what he was doing Ichiro raised his power to the max! Then he turned into a false super sayain, his hair gained a red tint, his skin gained a red tint, and his pupil and irises became invisible. ' Ichiro stop what you are doing right now! ' Then the evil Ichiro laughed, ' Your as exactly as strong as me, but I wont have to turn into a false super sayain! ' Ichiro fired a red colored kamehameha at Evil Ichiro then Ichiro flickered behind him and used pain ring's, Evil Ichiro was more worried about Pain Rings so he dodged those, but then he got hit with the kamehameha and got sent flying backwards into the rip. Then Ichiro charged a powerful homing genocide beam into the rip. It peirced through Evil Ichiro's chest, thus killing him! ' You should have went false super sayain! ' Then the rip disappeared. Then Ichiro returned to Normal and flew away.
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PostSubject: Re: Know Myself?   Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:10 am

done your new PL is 241,688 PL

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Know Myself?
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