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PostSubject: Ultimatum.   Tue Jul 13, 2010 10:11 pm

Alliance Name:Ultimatum
Description: They consider themselves a force for good and the Reapers of the evil. Not above taking a evil being in and using them as a wild card but a very controlled one. The Ultimatum believe in one thing true power of the mind and body.
History: Formed by Razz the majin with his oldest friend Ichiro and right now has just formed.
Alliance Ranks: (Any ranks distributed to alliance members. Leaders may only distribute them.)
Founder/Leader: Razz.
Co leader:Ichiaro.
General: Lance.
Alliance Members: Member:Vegeto,Matt

Leader's Orders: Find the dragon balls, Become more powerful. Wish back yardat.

All Members have a M somewhere visible on there body.

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