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PostSubject: Saibamen!   Tue Jul 13, 2010 6:56 pm

Quest: A group of different colored saibamen have hi-jacked a saiyan space pod to leave the ruthless planet for their power can not match up to the mighty saiyans and they don't fancy being lap dogs. In their frantic flee, the pod crashes into a planet known as "New Namek". The saibamen find most nameks weak and find humor in mercilessly terrorizing hundreds of namekian villages. You are requested by an ancient Namekian to save the rest of namek. You have to kill a Red Saibaman, a Blue Saibaman, a Purple Saibaman, a Orange Saibaman and the leader of the pack, a traditional Green Saibaman. You will need to defeat each of them in order to save namek from their reign of terror.

Requirements: 20,000 PL.

Rewards: 10,000 PL. +10 alignment.

Ichiro just landed on New Namek, he was flying around the green planet looking for something he could do. He saw little groups of green people everywhere, and most of them had very weak power levels, but there was also quite a few that had exponential power levels. ' I wonder what they are most of them have very puny power level's. But there is also quite a few of them with exponential power levels, some even stronger then mine! ' Then Ichiro saw another group of small green people, ' What are they! Alright that's it im going to take a pit stop and find out what in the heck they are. ' Then Ichiro lowered his power level down to about a little stronger then the strongest person in their group's power level, then he flew down right ahead of the group. ' Stop I have a few question's. ' Then some of the green people got angry and fired some ki blast at him, ' Leave us alone We don't want to hurt you! Ichiro blocked all of the ki blasts that were threw at him. Then he almost fell down to the ground laughing. ' Stop it! Stop it please! Your Killing me! Alright Let's get serious, You kill me? I was lowering my power level down to where I don't scare you off. ' Then Ichiro powered up to his very max, some of the Namekians began to tremble. Then one of the the two namekians that fired the ki blast at him said, ' We don't Care we aren't scared of you! We could fuse and be twice your power level. So dont make me say this again after I say it this time! Leave here and don't come back.... ' There was a few minutes of silence.

Ichiro smirked at the namekians ' I wont give you time for it! ' Ichiro flickered behind the two then picked them up. Then he threw the first one he picked up as far as he could then fired a charged up ki blast. ' Now what to do with you my friend.... ' ' Im sorry for what my freind said! I didn't say it! I wouldn't do it either! Please spare me! ' Then Ichiro carefully thought about it for a second, ' Alright! I don't want to hurt any of you anyway! I just wanted to ask you a few question's. Now what are you green people called? ' One of the smallest namekians with a squeaky voice said, ' We are the Namekians, named after our planet sorta or at least what it sounds like doesn't it! ' Ichiro laughed at the little guy, and then squatted, ' Sure does little guy. And do yall have fighter's on this planet? ' The little guy giggled, ' Yes we do mister! That guy you threw was one of the weakest though.' Ichiro stood up, ' Alright thanks little guy that's all I needed to know. ' Then they was a huge explosion nearby on the planet, it scared the little namekian then his clothing on his pant's darkened. And a taller Namekian looked a little disturbed. ' Hmm I feel it to they're kind of weak power level's, but there is a few of them. I'll take care of them to show the namekian race that Im not here to hurt namek, I just want to become stronger. ! ' Then Ichiro smiled and gave the tall namekian a thumb's up. ' Thank you! Less work for us! Go on, the quicker the better. ' Then Ichiro flew over where the explosion was.

Once Ichiro landed where the explosion was he could feel the power level better. He was correct when he was talking to the Namekian just a few seconds ago, the power level was weak but there was a few of them . He still couldn't see anything they area was still clouded with dust after the explosion. A few minutes went by until the area was clear without dust and everything again. The first thing Ichiro saw was a space pod from Vegeta. Then he saw something's, he saw a few color's. Then when he had a view of everything he could see saibamens! ' Saibamens! What are you doing here! ' They're were multiple of them a red,blue,purple, orange and the regular green one. The green one had a V carved into his chest. ' You must be the leader the green one over there. '

But Ichiro didn't see everything still. The red one was choking a namekian. ' Let go of him! ' The saibamen laughed at the namekian. Then Ichiro saw a few dead namekian body's. ' You killed a namekian, even worse a few! I said let go of the Namekian! ' Ichiro flickered to the red saibamen and kicked him in the face, then he caught the namekian and put him down. ' Now to finish you all! ' Ichiro used a genocide beam on the red one killing him after a hit through the chest and through the heart. Then the blue one's head split open spraying acid out at Ichiro. Ichiro dodged it by doing a side step, then he flickered above it and came down drop kicking the blue saibamen in the face, and then flickering to it and kneeing it in the face. Then finished him off by using a kamehameha beam to his chest knocking him back into the space pod. ' Want some more! '

Then the purple saibemen took a cheap shot from behind and tried to grab on to him. Then Ichiro flickered behind him and kicked him in the back. ' Too slow! Then Ichiro flew over to him and double handed knocked it down. Then the saibamen waved at Ichiro as Ichiro put his foot on his chest. The saibamen started to glow! ' Wait what! ' Then Ichiro remembered what the saibamen could do... they could self destruct. Then Ichiro flickered away. The Purple Saibamen exploded making a gaint crater in the planet. ' So sad sacrificed for nothing... ' Then Ichiro fired a genocide beam at the orange saibamen, then flickered the other way and fired a kamehameha at him. Then Ichiro flickered above and floated above him watching the beams tearing his body apart and it screaming, ' Eiccccccckkk! ' ' Alright the last saibamen the green one. Ill kill you with a genocide beam I think. Your power level is weaker then the other's. They were your body gaurds most likely. Ichiro started to flicker around in a circle fast so the saibamen didn't know where he was. Then a genocide beam flew out from a.. nothing it looked like because Ichiro already flickered away. The Saibamen was tore apart from the genocide beam. ' Alright We are done here... ' Ichiro flew over to inform the namekian he talked to that he killed the enemy.
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PostSubject: Re: Saibamen!   Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:33 pm

approved. adding a 13,000 bonus and a 10,000 zenny.
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