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 Otherworld Tournament

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PostSubject: Otherworld Tournament   Tue Jul 13, 2010 5:04 pm

Your character is put into the Otherworld Tournament, against similarly recently dead fighters of relatively equal strength. Fighters become stronger as the tournament goes on, and if your character makes it to the final round, the last opponent is definitely as strong as them, or perhaps even stronger. If he/she wins, the character is offered a choice of a sizeable cash reward or the right to return to the living word

Requirements: Heroic deeds in life, or sponsorship of a Next Dimension entity (such as one of the Kais, an Oni, etc).100,000 PL

Rewards: x1.5 PL
Keitaro was in the Otherworld Tornament fighting for his life back. He beat the first two round with ease the second round caused him to enter his false super saiyan mode. As he went back to normal he looked down at the last person between him and life. It was a saiyan a female saiyan her hair was down to her back and she was wearing the saiyan elit armor. She spoke to him as if he was some weakling.

"Just shut up and fight." keitaro said getting tired of hearing her voice. She rushed at keitaro and punched him in the gut then kneed him in the jaw when he was bent over. She then kicked him over into the wall, Keitaro wiped the blood from his lip and smirked. "I've been wanting to use this all day." keitaro said pointing his arm out and making his land look like a gun. HE then shot her with a blast of strong ki and knocked her out. "So young warrior what is your prize?" asked the kai's. "I want my life back." keitaro said as the kai's sent him back to planet vegeta.
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PostSubject: Re: Otherworld Tournament   Tue Jul 13, 2010 5:07 pm

Approved. But better detail next time man.
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Otherworld Tournament
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