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 The adventures left untold

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The adventures left untold Empty
PostSubject: The adventures left untold   The adventures left untold EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 4:16 pm

The War Vet

It was a sunny day in West City. Birds chirped beautiful songs and
warnings to their colleagues while nesting in trees or taking part in a
graceful flight. Heat rose from the ground making the horizon look
blurry. A brick house sat behind Ritzusen. The gray mortar shone in the
sunlight and the roof was now hotter than before thanks to its color.
In front of the house was a small area filled with bushes, rocks, mulch
and dog waste from the saiyan's pet named C.B. A small, concrete porch
stood to the left of him with a bush on one side and the front door on
the other one. the blinds on the front door where open and so was the
window. In front of the front door was a screen door for even more
security and safety into the house. This house was an old house that
Buji had bought for the saiyan awhile ago. Ritzusen had been staying in
this neighborhood full of humanoids for a reason. He loved how they
treated him. They knew he was an alien and treated him like he was a

The saiyan looked to the right of the house to see Buji's Hybrid parked
in front of the white garage. He then took a glance at the gate. It was
not very secure for a man could just open the lock and get to the
backyard. But getting into the house was a different story. Ritzusen
felt the hard brick rub across his fingers. It was warm for it was a
winter color, red. The saiyan trudged up the two steps of his porch and
opened the door. He sat down on his brown luxurious couch. The material
was made for catching spills and making it an easy clean up for an
owner. The saiyan soon looked upon his dog who sped out of his room.
The dog entered through the tiled hall way and into the wooden floored
living room.

"Hey C.B.," The warrior spoke, "You want to play? Huh buddy? Huh? Come on. Go catch the toy!"

Ritzusen grabbed a red chew toy with bells inside that jingled and
grabbed the dog's attention. He then tossed it near the front door and
his closet filled with shoes and coats. The saiyan smiled as he walked
over towards the dog. He patted his head and looked him in the eyes
with compassion.

"We've got to work on you fetching skills."

South City Military Base, 15:00

Commander Leroy Johnson awoke to his alarm clock. It was now 15:00 or
3:00 pm. It was his time to do a Veteran's day program for the after
school kids at Meade County Elementary school. They wanted him and
three other vets like him to come and share their battle experience
with others. Leroy had been to plenty of these programs but he hoped
today would be unlike any other program. Something special like one
question that was unique or something of that nature. The human rubbed
the sleep out of his eyes and got out of his bed. The comforters hit
the floor and were soon kicked under the bed by his right foot. The
sixty-two year old looked into the mirror and straightened his hair
with a comb. He set the grooming tool down and grabbed his camouflage
uniform out of the closet.

"It's been awhile BDU,"

Leroy spoke. His face brightened as he opened his wooden door to come
to the outside of his yard. The veteran trudged along the hot pavement
until he found his car. It was a black Volkswagen without a muffler so
it annoyed everyone within a mile radius. The former soldier backed out
of the parking lane and sped off. His foot hit the gas pedal and nearly
floored it. Leroy was scared by this and then eased up a bit. The human
sped off towards the school in which was only a few minutes away.

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PostSubject: Re: The adventures left untold   The adventures left untold EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 4:17 pm

The saiyan walked across the creaking floor boards and stepped into the
tile kitchen. An island, holding cutlery and soup cans sat beside him
on black wheels. The wood had creases in it to make it look fancier
than it should. On top of the island stood a bread box made of real
wood. Beside it was junk mail the saiyan had received and did not want
to read, some left over beef jerky, and a small vase containing some
roses he had decided to keep. The saiyan walked over to the gray and
black fridge that contained the many groceries he had bought for
himself. He looked at the bottom and grabbed the a water bottle out of

His dog, C.B., was not allowed into the kitchen for hair may get into
the food or fleas may invade. So he waited at the threshold. Wagging
his tail and panting while sitting on his backside. Ritzusen ran to the
hallway from the other doorway passing the basement banister and
hitting his green recliner on the way. The saiyan looked to his right
to see his beautiful mantel with the tv sitting high above. He slowed
down for he could've kicked his dog and caused him to yipe. The saiyan
opened the closet door with his back turned to his guestroom. He dug
through the messy closet, scratching his hands and arms up until he
felt a plastic leash and its cable. Ritzusen pulled it out and smiled.
The dog waggled his tail as he moved towards him. The saiyan clipped
the hook on his collar and locked the cord.

"No running yet," Ritzusen said, "You need to save that energy for the
park just a mile away." The saiyan walked out of his front door near
his piano and exited. The door creaked loudly until Ritzusen closed it.
C.B. was excited to be outside and walking. He may have to go outside
to use the restroom, but it was rare for him to get to walk out of the
yard and have fun. The dachshund trotted down the stone stairs after
his owner.

"We should go the long way. I know you'd love that wouldn't ya?" The
saiyan patted his head and walked down the second set of stairs leading
to his driveway. They raced down the slope and into the street. Looking
both ways first of course.

The neighbors in this neighborhood were nice. No violence, cursing, or
anything. It was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. C.B. looked at
two kids and began to growl.

"Don't even think about it," Ritzusen said with a stern voice. They
walked through the road and onto the sidewalk. Their trail to the park
had begun.

Meade County Elementary School

Leroy puled into the parking lot of Meade County Elementary. The drive
was long and bumpy but he was used to it. There was a sign that said,

[Visitors Parking]

This is where the veteran had to park along with other cars. The
humanoid opened the car door and picked himself up out of the low,
velvet seat. He set both feet on the concrete floor and stepped out of
the car. Leroy slammed the door with a smile and excitement found in
his eyes. The veteran walked up three concrete steps in which had a
small flower bed beside it. He then grabbed the steel door handle and
entered the double doors. A bald headed man was standing at the door
with a smile and one of the finest suits on.

"Welcome Mr. Johnson," He spoke, "We have been waiting for you."

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PostSubject: Re: The adventures left untold   The adventures left untold EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 4:17 pm

Ritzusen and his pet had arrived at the park withing a few short
minutes. The grass was swaying and fleas bit at the ankles of the
people that sat in this large area. The saiyan had a ginger smile on
his face fr his dog was being affectionate and rubbing on his legs. The
sun was beating hot the temperature had to be over 100 degrees
Fahrenheit at the least. Ritzusen lifted walked forwards to see some
adults playing baseball in the regular section of the park. He walked
over to them as one came to bat. His smooth haircut was now blowing
around in the soft wind making the hair fly into his face. Ritzusen
walked over to the catcher.

"Any room for me?" The saiyan asked.

The masked man nodded.

"You look good enough, why don't you go play first?"

Ritzusen tied C.B.'s leash to the tree.

"Don't hurt anyone while I'm gone okay?"

The saiyan let go of his dog's face and jogged towards first base. Then
came the pitch. It was a fastball that had to come about 59 miles per
hour; which was average. Ritzusen bent his knees as the man slugged the
ball with authority. The ball went far and was almost out of the park
for a home run. The saiyan darted towards the ball and soon lifted up
into the air. His body was moving at an incredible speed and soon he
grabbed the flying ball. The men were in shock and their eyes were
widened. Ritzusen descended with the ball in hand and landed. The
saiyan threw the ball to the pitcher and looked for his dog.

"C.B. Is gone!" The saiyan screamed.

He ran to the tree and lifted into the air. Ritzusen searched his scouter history for the dog's power level and looked for it.

Meade county Elementary school approximately 3 miles away

The scouter spoke. Ritzusen darted off towards the school with dirt
kicking up behind him. When he arrived, the dog was inside of the
building, chasing others off with his bark and not necessarily his
bite. The saiyan looked at the poster hanging beside him.

[Veteran's day service, starts at 4:00]

"Might as well stay," Ritzusen said.

He ran and collected his dog. The saiyan navigated the hallways until
he reached the auditorium where the service would be held.

"And now, Mr. Leroy Johnson!" A man spoke from a mike.

The kids booed him and started throwing objects at him. One jumped up and yelled,

"He's the worst veteran in the world!"

His high pitched voice rang in the room and echoed. Leroy stormed off
of the stage and ran out of the building to his car. Tears filled his
eyes and his heart was heavy. He drove off with haste.

South City Military Base

Leroy entered with anger and frustration.

"How did the service go sir?" A soldier asked.

"Horrible!" Leroy exclaimed, "The kids booed me off of the stage and
said that I was the worst veteran in the world! I'll show them when I
get my hands on that weapon!"

"What weapon?"

"The X-460. A weapon that could destroy a country within two hours! I'm
going to get it and you and your soldiers are going to help me!"

"No disrespect, but you're putting the country you fought for in jeopardy because of a stupid service!"

"Yes I would. But if you help then I'll give you some of the riches that I get from destroying them."

"Okay, but we could get into a lot of trouble for this."

"It's worth the risk."

Leroy smiled and motioned for his fellow comrade to get the other
soldiers. The X-460 would be his if he had all the right moves in all
the right places.

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PostSubject: Re: The adventures left untold   The adventures left untold EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 4:17 pm

Weapons factory

Leroy and his soldiers stormed towards the door and kicked it open.

"FREEZE!" He screamed.

They had guns pointed towards every worker in the factory. the guns had
bullets that could kill anyone with one shot. Their hearts were beating
faster and faster by the second.

"Move and we put bullets in all of your heads!"

Leroy walked closer and closer to a random man in a white lab coat with
glasses. His spectacles were knocked off of his face and crushed by
Leroy's foot.

"I can't see!" The man screamed.

His vision was blurred and he could barely tell who was who. Leroy
tightened his grip on the man's arms and nearly broke it. His bones
started to crack and his arm was under serious pressure. Soon a dog
came in through the door barking and biting. The dog was C.B. running
in and trying to save lives. The war veteran broke the man's arm and
threw him onto the ground. he left three bullets in his skull.

"Give me the X-460 or someone else dies," He said, "Soldiers, kill the dog."

A soldier nodded and leaned his limber body down. Just as he was about
to pull the trigger, an energy blast cut his hand off. Blood started to
ooze from the amputated hand and the light skinned man let out a cry of

"Let the dog go before I amputate his head," A voice spoke.

It was Ritzusen coming to his pet's aid. His voice was angry and his
eyes showed no compassion for anyone except for the dog and the
innocent workers at the factory.

"What the hell do you want anyways."

"I want the X-460," Leroy spoke, "I was pelted by food and now I'm back to destroy the kids and everyone else who doubted me."

His gun went to the head of another worker. Ritzusen looked upon the
dead man who had his arm broken and three bullets in his cranium. Tears
appeared in his eyes after seeing the sight. His eyes started to
flicker from blue to green and his muscles started to grow large. But
this soon went away.

"You killed him! You deserve to die!"

There was a camera beside Ritzusen catching footage of the argument.
The saiyan charged a ki wave in his hand and blasted the camera.

"Keep your damn cameras to yourself," He spoke firmly.

The saiyan charged at Leroy with speed and gave him a knee to the
ribcage. He then grabbed his wrist, flipped him, and disarmed him. The
saiyan shot the weapon to hit most of the other soldiers. He was in a
blind fury and was going to kill them all. One soldier confronted him
face to face. Ritzusen turned his back and then fired a ki wave to his
groin area.

"That's how you neuter a guy."

Ritzusen looked at four other soldiers surrounding him. He then noticed
that Leroy was gone. The saiyan ran around the factory looking for him,
knocking over test tubes, ammunition crates, and gun prototypes. He
soon found Leroy with a large gun and a few factory workers. It was the
X-460 that he was mounted on. The weapon that could destroy country
after country in a one blast.

"NO!" Ritzusen screamed.

His legs propelled him forwards just fast enough to grab Leroy and slam him onto the ground.

"You've killed enough people today and just so you don't kill anymore,
I must kill you. Goodbye once good war veteran, we will miss you."

Ritzusen charge an energy wave and blasted Leroy in his head. The
veteran's eyes closed and his body went limp. Leroy Johnson had died.
The saiyan walked away from the dead bodies and seen the four soldiers

"Shoot if you want," Ritzusen spoke, "But you have no more motivation to do this. Your motivation is dead, go see."

The soldiers withdrew their weapons and walked out of the room there
were soon other military officers there to arrest them for their wrong

"Come one C.B. Let's go home."

Ritzusen grabbed his dog and exited the base. The saiyan lifted into
the air and sped off for his house. That's just the way he was. He
didn't want to stay for someone to celebrate his victory or reward him.
He was a modest kind of guy. The saiyan landed at his front door and
opened it. C.B. ran around the house playfully and jumped in his
owner's lap. Ritzusen ran his fingers through his pet's fur softly
until they both fell into a deep sleep.

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PostSubject: Re: The adventures left untold   The adventures left untold EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 4:18 pm

The Chou Kamehameha

The Lookout

Keijin stood in his usual position with his staff in hand. The guardian
had been guarding this since the death of Kami and Master Roshi. It was
a sad day, but a new beginning for a new Earth. Keijin had the power,
the techniques, and the leadership of Master Roshi and Kami put
together. And possibly even more. The warrior looked down at the Earth
while his accomplice, Mr. Popo was pacing around with his hands behind
his back. His short feet kicked up and down time and time again to
propel him forward and back. His back was always leaned back and it
seemed as if he was going to fall every time he walked.

“I just don’t know Mr. Popo,” Keijin spoke.

His face was troubled and his head was down to his chest. His chin dug
into his chest and applied pressure to it. His hand gripped his cane
firmly until it cracked and cracked and soon broke to small pieces.
Keijin's veins were popping out of his wrist and there was one pulsing
from his forehead. His long hair started to move from the erratic
pulsing of the vein. He moved forwards a little bit after scooping up
the pieces of the staff and moving them aside. Another staff appeared
in his hand soon after wards.

“What is it sir?” The assistant asked.

His pink lips moved up and down while he spoke and his dark body moved
forwards. His eyes were on Keijin’s downed head. The day was sunny and
his eyes were brighter than usual.

“I feel the urge to do something. To have a trainee so he can live with
me for awhile and train under me. I want to take Roshi’s spot. Though I
am stronger, faster, and have even more in my arsenal, I feel as if I'm
not doing enough.”

His voice was soft and somewhat depressed. His once cheerful eyes were
now droopy and nearly closed. His head was still hung looking down at
the Earth and with his side vision, looking at the white tiles that
covered the floating lookout.

“Who would you like to train sir? There are so many people that you
could train like Josh or David or anyone like that. I'll go teleport
there, grab them, and bring them to you.”

“I only want one. A true warrior who shows courage during the good
times and the bad times. One who realized that he was a warrior two
years ago, I want Ritzusen. He has learned the Kamehameha wave and he
has a long history ahead of him. He is going to face trials and
tribulations until the day he perishes. but he'll still have troubles
when he comes back. So I need to teach him the Chou Kamehameha. A
powerful weapon used by Goku to defeat the evil Piccolo.”

“It shall be done sir. I will get Ritzusen and bring him here for rigorous training sessions.”

With that, Mr. Popo disappeared with a blue aura emitting from his
body. The alien creature was about to arrive at Ritzusen house. His
body speed through hyper space as he came into the saiyan's front lawn.
He walked over to the door and began to knock.

Inside Ritzusen’s house

Ritzusen woke from his bed after only two hours of sleep. He had been
out partying last night until 6:00 A.M. with local friends and girls of
course. His head was spinning and his body was dog tired. The saiyan
lifted out of his bed and let his feet hit the floor. He then rubbed
the sleep out of his eyes and put his elbows on his knees.

"Blame it on the alcohol," He spoke.

His head was pounding for he had shots of Beer and other drinks. It was
a party after all and he was now over the age limit to drink. There was
soon a pounding at the door.

"Who is it?"

“Mr. Popo,” A voice called from the door.

“I don’t need your jokes. Tell me who you are before I take you down. I've got a serious hangover you know.”

“Come to the door and see.”

Ritzusen sighed and started towards the door. His bare feet touched the
soft, furry carpet as he walked out of his bedroom and into his living
room. His back was sore and his legs moved slowly. The temperature
dropped a little between the rooms. He then grabbed the doorknob and
turned it. The saiyan pulled the door open to see the black body of Mr.

“I told you,” He said, “You’re coming with me..”

"Why?" Ritzusen asked.

"Keijin wants to train you and help you learn The Chou Kamehameha. It is the larger, more powerful form of the Kamehameha wave."

"Good. I'm ready but first I need to get dressed."

"I've got clothes for you."

Mr. Popo waved his hands around and soon, a blue jumpsuit appeared on Ritzusen's body.

"Thank you," He spoke.

Their bodies soon sped through hyperspace and came to a stop at a large
portal. They were now materializing on the floating watch place.
Ritzusen looked around in awe of the beauty of the place. It was just
like he had seen it in the history books.

"I have awaited you Ritzusen," Keijin said, "I see that Mr. Popo has
told you about me training you and helping you learn the Chou
Kamehameha correct?"

Ritzusen nodded. He bowed down to the man.

"It is an honor and a privilege to train under your tutelage."

"Pick yourself up saiyan warrior. To learn the Chou Kamehameha you must
go through a numerous amount of tasks to master it. I have a room ready
for you to sleep in. Go now and get rest for tomorrow will be

"But it's only morning sir," Ritzusen spoke.

"I know but your training needs lots of rest, now go."

The saiyan nodded and walked over towards the room of the Hyperbolic
Time Chamber. His room was South East of it and all it really contained
was a bed, a clock, and a window to see the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
Ritzusen lay down on the bed with out stuffing his body into the
comforters. His eyes closed and within five minutes, he fell asleep.

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PostSubject: Re: The adventures left untold   The adventures left untold EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 4:18 pm

At about nine in the morning, the alarm clock started to ring. The
device did circles around the table causing it to vibrate from its wild
frenzy. Ritzusen groaned and then rolled over on his side. He then
stuffed his hands under his pillow. He struggled to find a point on the
mattress without pressure, but within seconds he found it. Just when
his body was content and nearly dormant, an electrical pulse rang
through the queen sized bed and into his body. Ritzusen screamed in
agony and flopped around. He was holding onto the bed post for he was
being electrocuted. His body shook violently making him do flips and
knocking the comforters down.

"I'm awoke Keijin," He spoke.

His jaws were weak and made his speech sound different and drool to
come from his mouth. The electric shock finally stopped and caused
Ritzusen to fall back onto the bed. He was now dizzy and rolled out
onto the floor. Mr. Popo walked in with his leaned swagger and smiled
at the prone saiyan. He then crouched down and put his hand on his

"There's nothing like that first shock," Mr. Popo spoke,"You'll get
used to it soon. Now pick yourself up and get ready for training."

"What about breakfast?"The saiyan asked as he was grabbing the alarm clock table in support.

"You'll eat AFTER you train. Now let's go see Keijin for your training routine for the day."

Ritzusen sighed, stretched his limbs and his back, and then followed
the short alien outside of his bedroom. The saiyan's boots clicked
against the floor and caused an echo in the wide cone-shaped place. He
and Mr. Popo navigated towards the man with a medium like speed. They
soon approached him and he gave them a warm-hearted smile.

"Your student sir," The dark alien spoke.

His face was formal and serious. When he finished speaking, he backed
up and presented the saiyan to his training master. Keijin looked at
the backing up alien and said,

"Thank you Mr. Popo."

He then focused his attention on Ritzusen. The saiyan stared at him and
watched his blond hair flow in the direction of the smooth wind. His
chains that held his clothes rattled around and around.

"Good morning my student. The first thing I want you to do is to go
into town and hit the gym. You'll be doing this for two days so you can
do an incredible thing."

"No disrespect sir," Ritzusen spoke, "But what is this, incredible thing?"

"You'll see soon," Keijin spoke, "Now start towards that gym. You can
do this. I know because fellow saiyans like you have done it in the

Ritzusen walked towards the edge of The Lookout and looked down. He
then looked back at Keijin and gave his a thumbs up sign. The saiyan
then looked back towards the Earth and dove down in to the mist cutting
right through it during his fall. His fist were clenched as well as his
teeth. His veins popped out of his wrist as he descended upon Earth.
Ritzusen fell further and further until he was right inside of Satan
City. He then used his flying ability to keep him from falling into the
concrete road and bursting his face wide open. The saiyan had been to
the gym before and knew exactly where it was located.

"5 miles to go." He spoke.

Ritzusen bent his body up and took off towards the exercise gym for his
first day of training in the gym. The gym was made for the town hero,
Hercule Satan. He won every tourney and was considered their champion.
No one ever thought that anyone else could be as powerful or more
powerful than him. Ritzusen knew that sometime this would change, but
it was always kind to play along and make him out to be an idol. The
saiyan landed on a nearby sidewalk and started taking steps forwards.
The kids were out playing on the fresh mowed grass with their toys and
their friends. Some where playing in the dirt while other were playing
in the trees. There was one kid who was not doing anything but sobbing
on his front porch with his head down and tears running from his eyes
to his hands and onto the grass. Ritzusen approached the kid with
sympathy and patted his shoulder.

"What's wrong?" The saiyan asked.

The kid sniffled and brought his right hand up to wipe his damp face. He soon started to speak.

"Mmmmmy toy got stuck in that tall tree," The weeping child stammered,
"And no one can climb up there and get it for me. It's my favorite toy
and now it's gone!"

The boy burst into tears and his crying could be heard for almost a mile.

"Don't cry. I'll get it for you."

"Yyou will?"

Ritzusen nodded and crouched his legs.

"Now to get that toy."

The saiyan leaped into the air. While he was elevated, he grabbed his
knees and did a few flips. He then landed in the tree. Ritzusen was
wobbling now and was about to fall off of the limb. He regained his
balance and started searching for the lost toy. Ritzusen walked slowly
around the limb. There was a glint in the corner of his eye which kept
annoying him. The saiyan quickly turned his body which caused him to
fall out of the tree and made it shake. As he was lying on the ground,
he felt defeated, as if he should have tried harder. But soon there was
a cry of cheer.

"My toy!" The child yelled.

He ran towards the plastic object and scooped it up with glee.

"Thank you so much sir. What can I do for you."

"Nothing," Ritzusen said, "Nothing at all."

Ritzusen walked away from the neighborhood after picking himself up
from his prone position. He started into a sprint as soon as he hit the
end of the sidewalk but he forgot the safety procedure of looking both
ways and got hit in his side by an incoming car. His face was filled
with pure pain and agony as he rolled off of the automobile.

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PostSubject: Re: The adventures left untold   The adventures left untold EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 4:18 pm

Ritzusen picked his body up from the ground slowly and painfully. His
ribcage was crushed and he lay there fading in and out of
consciousness. A normal human would not have been able to stand the
impact of a car that slammed into them at 80 miles per hour but the
saiyan some how got to his feet. He was limping off to the right side
where the automobile had hit him. There was a dent in the front of the
hood which knocked a Chevrolet emblem a few yards away. Ritzusen came
from his position behind the car and limped to the other sidewalk. His
accident had stopped many cars and caught the attention of a crowd.
They were surprised that he had recovered so quickly and was only
limping. Most people would’ve been in the emergency room in a coma. The
saiyan held his abdominal in pain. It seemed to had spread to other
places on his body like his legs and knees. Ritzusen bounded down the
sidewalk towards the gym. He wasn’t about to give up just yet. The
saiyan only had a few yards to go before he would be inside of Hercule
Satan’s gym and start his training, but with cracked ribs, this would
be hard for him. The saiyan came into the parking lot nearly out of
breath. There stood two double doors in front of him that both had a
picture of Mr. Satan’s head on them doing a V for victory sign.
Ritzusen gathered his strengths and grabbed the door handle. He pulled
open the door and stepped his right foot inside and then his left. His
eyes showed his pain for they were red and tear filled. The saiyan
slowly trudged into the gym and sat on a bench. He leaned his head back
which hit a wall that was painted white and had bricks on it. The
bricks had smooth paint over it to keep people from scratching
themselves up on it. A muscular, brown skinned man came up to him. His
hair was clean cut and he was wearing a brown, sleeveless shirt and red
shorts that came up to his hamstrings. He took a seat on the bench
whole touching his hands with his knees.

“Hello,” The man spoke, How are you doing on this fine day?”

Ritzusen leaned his head off of the wall and looked at the man. He had
noticed a large amount of facial hair on him and a scar ranging from
his left eye to the beginning of his cheekbone.

“Not so good,” Ritzusen replied, “I just got hit by a car.”

“You need medical attention if that’s the case.”

“I’ll live.”

Ritzusen lifted himself from the bench slowly, trying not to strain any
muscles in his abdominal region. He clutched his wrist and walked over
towards a weight lifting bench. The saiyan looked on the side for the
inscriptions of the weight. It totaled out to be 300 pounds. A man with
a shaved head and a stone jaw came over to him. He was muscle bound and
had a rough look as if he was Russian.

“No one can lift that one but me,” He said in a Russian accent, “I am
the strongest in the gym and besides, with you holding your ribs then
you wouldn’t be able to lift it.”

Ritzusen turned to mind over matter leaned back onto the bench and
pressed the three-hundred pound dumbbell over his head. This impressed
the Russian and made him clap his hands.

“You are a strong man. Let’s see if you can handle 500 pounds.”

Ritzusen accepted the challenge and waited for the man to slip the
weights on, which he did. The saiyan grabbed the dumbbell with force
and popped his veins. He then pushed his arms upwards to lift the
weight over his head. His muscles tensed and his veins were popping
like crazy. Ritzusen gave one last heave and lifted the weight over his
head. He repeated this to astonish the Russian man even more.

“You are amazing and you have outclassed me and others. Good work.”

Ritzusen gave a grin of pride on his face and continued to lift the
five-hundred pound weight many times. He was on his way to doing the
mysterious great thing that Keijin had spoke of.

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The gym was closing in about five minutes. Men were exiting like a
stampede out of the double doors. Ritzusen followed behind with a white
towel on his shoulder and a icy cold water bottle. The cold, wet liquid
ran down his throat and into his stomach making his body feel cooler
than before. The saiyan had been lifting weights all day and cold water
was just what he needed. Ritzusen lifted himself from the bench where
he was sitting all alone and started for the double doors. His ribcage
still ached but it was less annoying now that he had let it rest some.
Once he was outside of the door, Ritzusen lifted into the air and hung
a left. He was headed back towards The Lookout for some rest for he was
beat. The saiyan still held the water bottle in his hand along with the
towel and continued to drink out of it until it was as dry as a bone.
He then tossed the water bottle to the ground causing it to crunch on
the sidewalk.

"What a day what a day," He spoke.

Ritzusen wiped the sweat from his face and looked up into the sky. The
stars seemed to dance overhead and the moon was a half crescent. This
was good for if it were full, Ritzusen would've transformed. He focused
back on the road to his temporary home where Keijin and Mr. Popo would
be waiting. The saiyan was getting closer and closer to The Lookout.
The smell of the restaurants lingered beneath him and made him crave
the food that they served. His mouth started to water and his taste
buds started tingling. He then realized that he needed to get to The
Lookout soon. They may feed him there. Ritzusen was now just inside of
the mist that came from The Lookout. He lifted himself higher into the
air and grabbed onto the ledge of the floating cone. This put some
strain on his injured rib and caused a burning pain to set in.

"I'm impressed with your work Ritzusen," Keijin spoke as he walked by.

The saiyan did not see him there and turned his attention to him.

"Thank you sir," Ritzusen spoke.

"You will not need the gym anymore my trainee."

Ritzusen was confused.

"Why not?" He asked.

"You have shown determination, courage, fire, and passion for training.
You are ready to accomplish the great thing that I spoke of before. Go
rest and you'll start tomorrow."

Ritzusen was joyous and ran into his room. He let out a cry of joy and
jumped on his bed. The pain in his ribs had gone away and his hunger
disappeared. The saiyan closed his eyes and fell into sleep. He
wondered what would come the next day.

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The alarm clock rang again at its designated time. Ritzusen stopped it
with his right hand before the electric shock came. He was wide awake
and fully alert today for it was his big day. The day where he would do
the great thing that Keijin kept speaking of. Ritzusen lifted himself
from the bed with more energy then he had expected he would. His face
was cheerful as he stepped out of his room and into the main area of
The Lookout. His swagger showed his happiness as well as the grin upon
his face. The saiyan soon approached Keijin.

"You're up awful early today," The blond haired guardian spoke.

"Yes I am," He said, "Because today is my big day."

"Why yes it is. Today you'll be doing what only true warriors that have heart can do. You will climb Korin's tower."

"Korin's tower? There's no way."

"Yes there is," Keijin spoke, "If there is a will."

"I'll do it," Ritzusen said with determination, "Where do I go to find this tower?"

"Just hang a right when you get to the ground."

Ritzusen waved goodbye to the guardian and dove down through the mist.
An aura of blue ki surrounded his body as he made his descent. He then
came near to the ground and stopped his fall. Ritzusen was now about 20
inches from the ground and was about to hang a right, which he did. The
tower was now in view and was only a few yards away. Ritzusen pulled
right in front of it and nearly hit his head on the pole. He landed on
the ground with a click. Dirt came up as he hit. The saiyan scanned the
tower and knew that he had a long climb ahead of him. But hopefully,
there would be a great reward for him in the end. Ritzusen crouched
down into position and grabbed onto a ring that was on the pole. There
were many rings on the tower until you get towards the end where there
are only a few. The saiyan puled himself up a few inches and grabbed
another ring. He then placed his two feet where the ring he was
previously on was at. The saiyan grabbed another ring and did the same
thing. His rib started to ache again and fragments of the stone on the
tower began to fall for it was ancient. Ritzusen continued to pull on
the rings again and again. His hands were now sore along with his arms
and legs. He had a road of aches and pains ahead of him.

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Ritzusen continued to climb after his five minute break. his hands were
scarred and had pebbles stuck inside of him as well as his feet.

"I need to get rid of these shoes," He spoke.

The saiyan wiggled his foot wildly until one shoe came off. Then the
other came off and hit the ground as well. Ritzusen continued climbing
ring after ring, pebble after pebble, ache after ache. It was a long
climb and pain full at that. Ritzusen looked down to see that he was
halfway there!

"Only a little more to go," He grunted.

The saiyan started climbing faster than before for he was excited that
he was getting closer to finishing his training, His feet started to
bleed now and he let out a cry of pain. His muscles were now tense and
his face was strained as well as the rest of his body. Ritzusen stopped
when there were only a few rings left. He was panting and felt like
quitting. He knew that if he quit though, he would never learn. The
saiyan would never get stronger, he would never be a true warrior.
Ritzusen lifted his right hand up to the last ring and hung there. This
was now a test of true strength, To see if the saiyan could lift his
body weight all of the way up to the tower and over the banister.

"One three," He spoke, "One, two, three!"

Ritzusen flung his body over the banister ignoring the pain and the
agony of his climb. His back was now thrown out and he was lying on the
floor. His pain was enough to make a grown man cry. Ritzusen lay there,
panting. His body was in such a deep pain it wasn't funny. Soon a cat
like creature came over him. The creature held a staff and looked very
old and ancient.

"I see you have climbed my tower," The cat spoke.

"Am I hallucinating?" Ritzusen asked, "Or am I seeing a talking cat?"

"I assure you that I am 100 percent real."

The cat like creature moved his free hand up to play with his whiskers. Then Ritzusen realized who he was.

"Your Korin!" He yelled.

"Yes I am," He replied, "And since you climbed my tower, I will allow
you to train with Keijin. But first, you must spend the night with me
so Keijin may prepare for you."

"Yes sir."

"Now for some food."

Korin yanked Ritzusen by his foot and into the kitchen. The saiyan
picked his tired body up and sat down on the chair. He lay his head
down on the table and watched Korin as he set out two bowls and untied
a pouch from his waist. He then dumped one bean into each bowl.

"WHAT!" Ritzusen screamed, "What the hell is one little bean going to do?"

"Watch your language," Korin spoke, "This bean will fill you up as soon as you eat it."

"I sure hope so."

Ritzusen picked up the bean and scanned it. He then popped it into his
mouth and began to chew. At first, he did not feel any change. But
within seconds his belly began to ache.

"You were right Korin," He said, "How can one bean do so much?"

"Don't ask me," Korin replied, "I just grow them."

The two started to laugh after eating their meal. That's when Ritzusen
learned that there's always a reward for not quitting. The saiyan
walked into his bedroom for it was getting late. A rain set in and the
water drops pelted the ground. This was peaceful and allowed Ritzusen
to fall asleep on his soft blanket provided for him.

"I hope you ready Keijin," Ritzusen spoke, "Because I'm coming hard."

He closed his eyes and then went into a peaceful sleep.

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PostSubject: Re: The adventures left untold   The adventures left untold EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 4:19 pm

Ritzusen awoke in the morning with the sun shining in his eyes, There
were no doors on the tower, just doorways. From here he could see most
of Planet Earth. Today was an admirable day for the Earth for it was
cheery and not doomed like it has been before. There had been threat
after threat stopped by some of the greatest heroes to ever exist. But
they never got credit for it. It was a thing of honor and modesty.
That's what a true hero was and a true hero should always be. That's
what Ritzusen wanted to be remembered for. He sat up and used his right
hand to shield his eyes from the large star. He then used his left hand
to lift himself from his sleeping area. The ground had made his back
stiff and his backside sore. The saiyan started towards the ledge once
he lifted his body from the ground. Ritzusen walked over to Korin and
smiled at him.

"Go on Ritzusen," He spoke, "Keijin will be waiting."

The saiyan leaped off of the ledge of the tower and started hovering
above it. He then started darting off towards The Lookout. His two
fists were placed in front of him and a blue aura surrounded his body.
The saiyan started pushing even harder which forced him forwards and
back again and again. He was now inside of the mist, ready to train
with Keijin, It was only a few seconds away. Ritzusen started moving
his body upwards to grab the ledge of The Lookout. He pulled his body
up and realized that his pain was no longer there!

"Thanks Korin," The saiyan spoke to himself.

He then stood up after the rest of his body came to the top of the circle. The saiyan stared Keijin down intently.

"I'm ready Keijin."

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"Good," The guardian of Earth spoke, "I hope you are because this is going to take a lot out of you."

Ritzusen nodded. His eyes were locked onto his master awaiting his
instructions. His ears ignored everything that was around him except
for his teaching. The passion and the desire for this technique did not
have to be held in anymore. They could be unleashed for he was about to
learn it.

"Now for the Chou Kamehameha. This attack is the one that Goku as a kid
used to destroy the evil King Piccolo. He used everything he had in his
body to make the Kamehameha stronger. That's all it is. The strongest
form of the Kamehameha wave known to man and this universe. Are you
ready for the starting stance?"

"Yes I am Master Keijin," Ritzusen spoke.

The guardian bent his knees and put his right hand back. His head was
about 3 feet from the ground. A blue energy wave started to form in his
hand and caused the white tile to illuminate his tanned palm. Keijin
then brought the other hand back towards his right hand and another
ball formed. The guardian soon merged the two and formed a large wave.
Strings of light came from it as if it were going to explode. The
master then turned to his right with his hands cupped and squinted.

"Kamehameha!" He screamed.

His voice echoed throughout the place and the blast traveled from his
hands and out to the mist. The blast soon came down and left a large
crater below.

"Wow," The saiyan spoke, "I can have that much power?"

Keijin nodded.

"Now you try."

Ritzusen stepped back with his left foot and put his right hand back
and cupped it. A small blue energy wave started to appear and glow but
soon faded away.

"What happened?" The saiyan asked.

'You lost focus," Keijin spoke, "Drown out everything but the attack. Now try it."

Ritzusen nodded and closed his eyes. The saiyan put his left foot back
again and brought his right hand back. A larger blue energy ball
appeared but then faded away. The saiyan then tried again. This time a
large ball appeared and did not fade. Ritzusen smiled and then brought
the other hand back. The same thing happened for both. Ritzusen put
equal concentration into both halves of the blast causing a sweat to
break out from his forehead.

"Kame..." The saiyan started, "Hame................HA!"

The blue beam wave came flying from his hands and headed towards The
Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Keijin lifted into the air and spread his
palms out. A blue shield covered the sacred training area and caused
the blast to sink into it. Ritzusen panted and fell to the ground with
both of his hands out.

"I did it," He spoke.

Smoke came from his palms which burned like crazy, The saiyan may have
been hurt from learning this attack, but he was glad that he had
learned from Keijin. The saiyan started to pick himself up from the
ground. Once he was up he began to fall again. Keijin caught him and
picked him up.

"Go rest," He spoke, "Tomorrow, You will be rewarded."

The guardian held the saiyan up as he started towards his room. Keijin
turned the door knob, pushed the door open and sat Ritzusen down on his
bed so he could sleep away.

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PostSubject: Re: The adventures left untold   The adventures left untold EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 4:20 pm

The New Face of Terror

In outer space

Commander Ziro sat in his high chair with his legs and arms crossed.
His face was scar ridden and his face was made up like someone had
ticked him off. Ziro spun around a little bit and twirled a small piece
of wheat in between his fingers. He was thinking about his plan. The
commander was an alien and he was headed towards Earth for one reason
and one reason only. To destroy it. His first target was Satan City
where he would kill Hercule Satan and decimate the town along with him.
He would then head for the remaining cities and take them over. Ziro
smiled and stuck the wheat in between his tentacles that came from his
mouth. The slimy limbs mushed over the wheat making it look as if he
was twirling it in his teeth.

"Jarine!" The commander yelled, "How long till we orbit."

"Approximately 50 minutes sir," The command central operator spoke.

Ziro sighed and lifted himself from the chair. He gave a grunt before
landing on his boots and moving towards the right wing of the
spacecraft. There was a jolt on the ship. This large jolt knocked the
commander to the ground with force which surprised him.

"What the heck is going on!" Ziro screamed.

"It appears that there are space pirates out here looking for trouble," Jarine spoke, "It looks like their on the west wing."

"I'll give them trouble. Jarine activate the Space Caster board."

"Yes sir."

Jarine punched in the access code to central weapons center which was
behind him. Ziro walked in just to see his Space Caster board fly out
from a glass case. The alien grabbed his board and walked over to the
exiting door near the pilot seat.

"Slow down some, I'm about to kick some space pirate-"

"Don't say it," The pilot spoke.

He did as commanded and grabbed onto the brakes and pulled some. The
ship was now going at its slowest rate. Jarine pressed a button on the
touch screen which allowed the door to open. Ziro sped out on his Space
Caster board and headed towards the west wing of the space craft. He
looked at the space pirates who were bombing at it's sides. He charged
a large energy ball in his hand. The electric energy gathered quickly
and caused it to grow.

"Eat this!" Ziro yelled.

He heaved forwards on his board and flung his hand out to allow the ball to head towards the attacking ship.

"Hyper mode, quick!" The commander from the pirate ship screamed.

Just as they went into hyper mode, the ball collided with the ship. The
explosion was great and there was barely a trace of the space craft.
Ziro cackled at the decimation of the ship. There was nothing left. The
alien commander flew back towards his spacecraft named: Death grip. It
was named after the technique he had just then used to destroy the
space pirates. Ziro entered the open door and dismounted his board. He
walked back to his chair and sat down.

"Excellent work sir," Jarine spoke.

"Thank you," Ziro replied.

He got comfortable in his chair before asking,

"How much longer?"

The ship was going full speed now and headed forwards with the thrusters and jet boosters online.

"At this rate, 10 minutes."


Ziro brushed his green tentacles down with his hand. He then walked into the weapons room and entered his code.

Access granted. Welcome Ziro

The alien walked into his secret weapons area and started to browse it.
He then picked out his finest armor. It was called: Lady Luck for it
was never destroyed or even scratched. Ziro then searched for his shape
shifter belt. He only had trained himself to use one form on it. And
that was the human form which allowed him to disguise himself as a
human with claws. He equipped the equipment and headed out.

"45 seconds till impact sir," Jarine spoke as he entered the central area.

The alien pressed the middle button on his shape shifting belt and
turned into his human form. Planet Earth was only a little bit away.

Their ship started to burn as they started to enter the planet of
Earth. Ziro swung his claws through the air with joy and an actual grin
this time. They were now inside of the planet Earth.

"Put up impact shields," Ziro spoke.

Jarine punched in the access code which made the shields come up over
the space craft as it crashed into the ground. The doors opened and the
troops spilled out. They had landed just off of Satan City. They were
only 2 miles out now.

"Let's move."

The soldiers and their commander ran into the city and started to held
their intergalactic space weapons in their hand. They pointed at the
many houses that were in view and would shoot if any civilian did
anything suspicious. Ziro lifted into the air and started towards the
ongoing tournament which would have Mr. Satan there to be the returning

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Jarine held his blaster in had with pride and glee. For now, he got to
lead the troops through the cities of planet Earth to start on their
conquest. The saiyan welled up in tears of joy before lifting his
blaster. He pulled back the reload button on his gun and aimed for the
houses. The sound of the electro fluids rang and cut through the air
and allowed the weapon to shoot 500,000 volts of electricity to an
opponent. It could fry just about anyone. It was an intergalactic
weapon and could only be found on the black market. Ziro was smart and
invested in many good businesses while he was on Arlia. When he was
rich, he bought the finest black market weapons and technology that
money could buy. He then bought soldiers from the military brackets
from intergalactic areas and planets like Cero. Ziro waited 4 years to
conquest a planet. He found the mind control item from planet Phasoon
in the univese of Vector 5. He used it to control the soldiers and make
sure all conspiracies were ended and all loyalty was to him. Ziro was a
maniacal genius and a strategist. He had planned for this day to come
and knew exactly what he was going to do since he had stolen a crystal
ball from the planet Kanassa and predicted the future of Earth. He
picked the right time to come to Earth,just when it was peaceful, he
came to disrupt it. Jarine grabbed his weapon tightly and looked
through the scope. He did not find any suspicious activity so far.

“Move forward,” The saiyan spoke with pride.

The troops did as they were instructed and pressed towards the next
wall and crouched to their backs with it. The brick wall had dust
falling off of it along with tiny pebbles which clicked onto the
concrete. The saiyan commander looked through his scope again.

“Move out, move out!”

Jarine and his squad separated in all different directions. They got
into many positions and awaited any suspicious activity, which they
found right in the middle of the road. There were men who were running
with human weapons in their hands. They had bandanas and sunglasses on.
The troops loaded their weapons and aimed at them.

“FIRE!” Jarine screamed.

The troops fired the electricity from their guns and fried the two
criminals with millions of volts of electricity. They were burnt right
to crisp and only ashes remained. Two police officers followed behind
in a not so hot pursuit. They had their guns drawn at the troops with
their guns.

“Freeze!” One of the officers yelled.

The troops loaded their guns and fired at the officers. They too were
burnt to ashes by the army. A wind kicked in and blew the ashes away
and off to another location. Jarine grabbed his communication device
and started to speak.

“We have taken three lives sir,” He said.

“You can do better,” Ziro replied a second later.

“We’re just getting warmed up.”

Jarine smiled and motioned for the troops to move onwards to the next attack.

Ziro zipped through the skies with his claws inside of his skin and
ready to be retracted. The tournament was in view and Mr. Satan was
just behind the changing room door. He could feel the hate and the
pleasure of being able to destroy planet Earth and make the humans who
made him suffer, suffer. The alien was now hovering over the large
fighting arena. He licked his lips in delight of his prey. Ziro was
going to destroy one of the idols of the Earth. The one who allegedly
killed Cell and the other threats of the Earth. But what he didn’t
know, is that he was going to have to fight for it.

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World Tournament time

Ritzusen was sprawled out on his brown sofa with his feet on the right
arm rest and his head on one of the two pillows that were there for
comfort. The saiyan took his right hand from the position behind his
spiky haired head and searched inside of the couch cushions for his
cable remote. Ritzusen felt the need to watch some five O’clock news so
he can keep to date with events in the city. His job was being a hero
after all. The saiyan felt for the remote inside of the large cushions.
He soon felt its smooth texture and yanked it from under. Ritzusen
turned his attention to the cable remote and felt for the large, round
power button which would allow him to watch the cable on his high
definition television. Ritzusen found the round power button and jammed
his thumb into it. This caused the screen to flash and images to
appear. When he turned it on, there were announcements on the t.v.
about obituaries and advertisements about local shops. Ritzusen looked
at his remote in search of the guide button which would allow him to
search for channels and television programs that he would want to
watch. The saiyan found the button and jammed his left index finger
into. A list of channels came up that ranged from 1 to 12. Ritzusen
picked five so he could see the news.

The saiyan felt for the select button so he could turn to the channel.
He did this quickly in fear of missing any important announcements. The
channel was turned on and soon came up an advertisement.

“Do you think you’re tough enough?” A deep voiced man asked.

There were muscular men who were hitting each other in the face and
starting an all out brawl. Blood and teeth flew from their mouth as
well as saliva and sweat. Heavy metal rock music played in the
background to intensify the commercial.

“Then join the world tournament if you think you’re a fighter. It starts today at Mr. Satan’s arena at 6 pm. Don’t miss it.”

When the man finished his sentence the screen showed a fighter slamming
his fist into the bridge of his opponent’s nose. The commercial had
ended and the words got Ritzusen’s saiyan pride bubbling.

“Time to show off some new techniques,” He spoke.

The saiyan lifted himself off of the couch with his remote in hand. He
jammed his left thumb into the power button and caused the screen to
split and finally power down. Ritzusen jogged into his bedroom and
grabbed his sack with his weighted clothing and his scouter inside. The
saiyan fit his scouter onto his face and turned it on.

“Scouter,” He started, “Commence tracking for the location, Mr. Satan’s arena.”

The images danced around the green screen and finally came to a halt.

Mr. Satan’s arena is 6 miles east of your current location The scouter spoke.

“That’s not too far. Initiate Global positioning system.”

An arrow popped up on the scouter and pointed towards the East Ritzusen
exited his back door onto the porch. He took a glance at his freshly
mowed grass and sped off towards the world tournament.

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TWC for all of Adventures:9,913
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Ready for grade NAO
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50,000pl 10,bonus I added it already.
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The adventures left untold
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