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 Becoming a warrior

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PostSubject: Becoming a warrior   Becoming a warrior EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 4:11 pm

Planet Vegeta 2 years ago.....

Ritzusen smiled as he was throwing fists into the air. The vibrations
of his blows jerked him around and around. Right now, he was in the
slums of planet Vegeta. Where the real fighters are at. Not the elite
with great training, but the greatest fighters on the planet that had
drive, determination, and instinct. His brother Kijin looked onwards
towards the street. The warrior stepped slowly towards him, making his
boots clack on the pavement. They were saiyan boots of course and as of
now, they were expensive.

"What's wrong?" The saiyan asked with a curious face. After the
question was asked he turned his back to a brick wall. With one foot he
got on his toes and the other stayed flat. This would keep his balance
during his stance. Ritzusen still stared at him, barely blinking.

"I..I.. Just don't know," His brother stammered. He slapped his scarred hands on his head and shook.

"Don't know what?"

"If I should do it. If...If..."

"Spill it."

"There's a big tourney going on and now they think that they are the
best. So they found me on a training route and challenged me. If I
don't respond, then they said they'll drag me there." His voice and his
body was shaky as he sat upon the pavement.

"Really," The saiyan started, "Buji, do you know anything about this tournament?"

"Not much," The saiyan said. His voice was deep and rough. "Just that
they started the place years ago and now they want to expand."

"Well then. I guess they are out of line. Should we accept the
challenge and fight together?" Buji nodded and then a small grin came
upon his face. The saiyan cracked his knuckles and his neck.

"Thank you Ritzusen," Kijin said with a smile. Ritzusen helped his
brother up with an extension of his hand and a pull. The saiyan
brothers and their friend started into a run. This would be an
initiation into their flight towards the big tournament.

Word count:335
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Name: Ritzusen

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PostSubject: Re: Becoming a warrior   Becoming a warrior EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 4:11 pm

The saiyan warriors sped through the sky with confidence. As if they
were about to conquer the whole planet. Their confident faces could get
them hurt badly if they looked at the wrong people. But the same could
happen to those people.

"Where is this club at anyways?" Ritzusen asked looking towards Buji.
Buji turned his head and still had his arms extended with his fists
clenched as he floated in the air.

"Way outside of the city," The saiyan started with his muscles tensed
bringing out the blue veins on his sandy skin. "It'll be about 5
minutes from now. Wait. It seems I found a short cut!" The trio sped to
the left following Buji. It was always a line order of oldest to
youngest so Kijin was in the back and Buji was in the front. Buji was
not their brother, but more like a father to them. Their father is
missing. He was said to be captured by changelings to be killed and
experimented. It had been a few weeks since he left but the saiyans
would find them. Ever since he was kidnapped, Buji helped them survive
and made sure nothing happened. The saiyans came upon a small cave hole
about 5 feet below. "Here we are."

"Nice," Ritzusen said, "We got there faster than I would ever expect.
The trio of saiyan outcasts landed on the ground. There was a cave
entrance with a sign that read:

[Grand Tournament. No punks allowed]

Kijin smiled nervously as they walked forwards and advanced in the long line.

"Should we plow through?" Kijin asked. Buji smiled and then nodded.
They all got into a runners stance and then started a sprint. They
flung their elbows out wildly to push through the crowd. Once they got
to the entrance, a man awaited them.

"Were you invited?" He asked. His tail was waggling wildly so he had to be a saiyan.

"Yes we were," Kijin answered, "Here it is." The youngest saiyan handed
him the envelope with the contents of the invitation inside. The man
opened it and turned it in all directions.

"You're good." The trio entered the cave with a downhill race in which
Buji won. They stopped and looked around. There were people of all
kinds at the large stadium. There were spectators and fighters in the
ring. Ritzusen watched as two saiyans locked hands. Their heads had
veins popping out with their strain. A few surges of electricity came
from this power struggle confrontation. Finally, a saiyan with long
hair nailed the other with a large jab to the gut. He then flew into
the air and launched a large energy ball into his back. The announcer
grabbed his microphone.

"The winner is... Borukhan!" He spoke loudly. His voice was deep and
sounded like a grumble. Borukhan raised his arm in victory, standing on
his opponent's chest. The crowd roared, destroying the eardrums of the
trio. The saiyan warrior walked out after his impressive victory and
headed towards Ritzusen.

"Hey," He said, "I'm Borukhan. Who are you?"

"Ritzusen," The saiyan answered, "This is my brother, Kijin and my friend, Buji."

"You all look like a good trio. You're probably going to be my favorite
in the 6 man match." The saiyan smiled,wrapped his tail around his
waist, and left with his saiyan boots hitting the fresh dirt. Kijin
looked up at the announcer.

"I'll be right back," He spoke. The young saiyan flew into the air with
grace and came up to the announcer's stand. Kijin landed behind him and
tapped his shoulder. This startled the saiyan and made him fall out of
his chair. "Excuse me sir, but when is the 6 man match?"

"It's not happening," The announcer said, "The other team was injured by some aliens."

"I have a team. See, their right down there." Kijin pointed to Buji and Ritzusen who both had their arms crossed.

"Looks like we're having a six-man tag team brawl up next!" Kijin smiled and descended upon his brother and close friend.

"You all better get ready to fight," He spoke.

"Why?" Buji asked.

"Because the six man match is up next!" The saiyans smiled in unison and soon afterward a small alien came rushing back.

"Come with me!" He yelled,"This is where you will exercise and get
dressed for the fight." The trio of saiyans followed him into the back
where there were two rooms. "Go to the one on the...right!" Ritzusen
turned the doorknob and opened the door. He wondered what was ahead.
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PostSubject: Re: Becoming a warrior   Becoming a warrior EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 4:12 pm

The room was not perfect, but at the same time it was not totally
horrendous. The saiyan trio stepped inside with their arms folded as
usual and scanned the area.

"Simple," Buji started, "I like it!" Ritzusen smiled and then rolled
his eyes. The saiyans found a long, wooden bench to rest on. This would
help them relax the strains in their muscles. But the only con to this
was that the bench was old, splintery and it was not very sturdy. This
caused the trio to all fall on their backsides.

"This is very simple!" Ritzusen yelled with his hand on the ground,
supporting him. His face was angry now. The alien was at the doorway
with knees like jello.

"Is it okay?" He asked, nervously. Kijin nodded and smiled.

"You have done your job well young man," He spoke, "You deserve a
reward." Kijin extended his arm with a handful of zeni. "That's 100
zeni. Use it wisely." The alien stopped shaking, smiled and then bowed
to the saiyan. "Pick yourself up." The alien did as told and started
out of the doorway. Just as the alien was leaving a saiyan figure
smashed his face with a right hand. Blood flew sideways as he hit the
dirty floor.

"Hey!" Ritzusen yelled, "What the heck was that for!" His teeth were now clenched and his fists were at his sides.

"He's a worthless piece of scum!" The warrior yelled before driving his
foot into the creature's mid-section. Kijin was also angered by this
cruel assault.

"You cruel bastard!" He screamed. An energy wave flew from his
illuminated palms and hit the warrior in the chest. This unwrapped his
tail from his armored waist. The energy wave was followed up by a right
hook to the mid section and a kick to the face. Blood started to run
down from his nose. The saiyan smiled and threw a volley of ki balls in
which all hit and sent Kijin into the wall.

"Never write a check your butt can't cash!" The saiyan spoke after
attacking Kijin. Ritzusen charged at him with a volley of punches and
kicks to various areas in all which, were missed except for one shot to
the throat. This made the saiyan couch and kneel on one knee. Ritzusen
finished him off with a stomp to his skull.

"Surrender and you won't get hurt," The adolescent spoke. The downed
warrior waved his hand in showing that he surrendered. A man, who
seemed like a humanoid, came running towards the trio. Kijin recovered
from his attacked helped the alien get back on his feet.

"Your on in 2 seconds!" He yelled, "Oh my god,what did you do to him?" The human had seen the unconcsious corpse of the foe.

"We taught him a lesson!" Buji yelled. The man ran away just as fast as
he came. The trio walked out towards the arena. Ritzusen looked up into
the announcing stands. The same human was now up there handing him a

"And now," The announcer spoke, "For our semi main event!" The crowd
roared and stood up from their metal benches. "First, we have the
Changelings of Death, Rilon, Leon, and Voltaire!" The changelings came
floating out of the left doorway. One gave a death signal to the saiyan
trio and then started back towards the arena. Once they entered, the
many saiyans booed them and threw food and drinks and garbage at them.
"Now, for the saiyan trio! Buji, Ritzusen, and Kijin!" The saiyan
warriors waved at the cheering crowd. A chant began among the stands.

"Crush the changelings! Crush the changelings!"

The crowd was in a frenzy of chants and hoots and hollers.

"The pleasures of being a saiyan," Buji spoke with a smile. The two
walked into the tile arena with their feet clacking. Soon afterward,
the crowd was silent. A referee charged in between the six men.

"No rules," He said, "BEGIN!" The crowd started back up and the saiyans
started to smile. This was going to be a great fight, so they

Word count:681
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PostSubject: Re: Becoming a warrior   Becoming a warrior EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 4:12 pm

The changelings looked at the saiyans with a look of disgust for them.
They hated them and called them monkeys due to their tail. Most
would've taken this to offense and killed them or at least tried.
Others, like this saiyan trio, did not. They actually took it as a
compliment for being a monkey showed agility and power. Ritzusen stared
each changeling in the eye for about three seconds. There was no
regret, no remorse, just hatred. He slowly got into stance with his
right foot forward and his left hand back. This would increase his
power for he was right handed.

"Let's go tough guys!" The saiyan screamed. One of the changelings smiled.

"Allow me to introduce myself before I kill you," The tallest
changeling said, "My name is Rilon, these are my brothers Leon," Leon
raised his hand, "And Voltaire." Voltaire let out a purple static shock
of electricity. It flowed through his body making him more powerful.
They all looked like descendants of Cooler. Buji and Kijin soon
followed Ritzusen and got into stance. Buji was a powerful stance with
his hands ready and Kijin was a more agile stance as he was bouncing
around like he was on a trampoline. The changelings only smiled.

I've got to start Ritzusen thought. He lifted into the air doing four
flips and then landing with his feet spread apart behind the trio of
changelings. He delivered a knee to the back of Rilon. The saiyan then
grabbed his tail and started to swing him around. This made the
changeling angry and he wound up grabbing Ritzusen's jumpsuit shirt and
reversing the move. He flipped and smashed the saiyan through the tile.
Dust and dirt came up and covered the perimeter. This made the crowd
start to cheer and roar with excitement. The stands rumbled the feet of
many people raising from their seats and clapping.

Word count:318
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PostSubject: Re: Becoming a warrior   Becoming a warrior EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 4:12 pm

"Let's go!" Ritzusen yelled charging at Rilon. The changeling warrior
got into stance and awaited his attack. Ritzusen swung his fists at his
arms and kicked towards his ribs. Rilon grabbed the saiyan boot and

"Now you see how I felt!" Rilon hissed. He swung until he felt as if
there was enough momentum to pack a hard punch. But once he tried to
slam the saiyan warrior, Ritzusen grabbed his eye. This caused the
changeling to let go of the hold and hold his eye in agony. Ritzusen
extended his hand and let out a large energy wave at his hand. Rilon
fell to the ground with smoke arising from his face.

While Ritzusen was fighting Rilon, Kijin and Buji were waiting on Leon
and Voltaire who both started to move forward inch by inch. Kijin
lunged forwards towards Leon with a flurry of kicks. This was his
specialty and if landed could be very brutal. Leon blocked the kicks
and then locked his large hands around the throat of the young saiyan.
His oxygen was cut and his feet were dangling. Buji was soon to follow
behind Leon and deliver a right shoulder to his back. This nearly
knocked the changeling outside of the fight club ring. But as the
saiyan delivered the blow, Voltaire unleashed and electric shock to his

"AH!" The saiyan screamed writhing in agony. He fell to the ground and
was now on all fours. The changeling flew up into the air about 3 feet
higher than his opponent. Voltaire soon crashed down to his back and
crushed his spine. Buji could barely breath as the changeling turned
him around and started to crunch his ribs.

Kijin was still recovering from the choke hold that had been placed on
him. Once he was good and ready he tripped Leon with a sweep kick. The
Changeling of Death floated in mid-air for a few short seconds before
hitting his back. The impact shook his jaws and caused them to jiggle
wildly. Seeing his close friend being attacked and crushed, Kijin was
angry. He charged his energy and charged at Voltaire. The young saiyan
jumped up and did two flips before delivering a downwards kick to the
white and red chest of Voltaire. This attack made him back off of the
saiyan, hold his chest, and kneel.

"I guess you saiyan monkeys don't know how to quit!" Voltaire screamed.
A red ball started to illuminate his mouth and he soon let go of it.

Ritzusen looked towards his brother who was about to feel the impact of
a powerful beam. The saiyan warrior sped towards his brother with his
feet about 5 inches in front of him. He got there in just enough time
to swing his right arm at the technique and bounce it away.

Word count:502
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PostSubject: Re: Becoming a warrior   Becoming a warrior EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 4:13 pm

The changeling smiled and folded his arms.

"I guess you monkeys are fast aren't you?" Voltaire taunted. This made
the brother duo angry and caused them to charge their power.

"Eat this!" Ritzusen yelled. A blue wave illuminated his gloved palm
and came crashing towards the changeling's ribcage. this pierced his
skin and made blood flow through him. Voltaire was still holding his
ribs after a few seconds. His eyes soon rolled into the back of his
head until his pupils were not visible and he fell to the ground with a
hole in his stomach. The saiyan warrior was panting and held his hands
out with the smoke coming from them. "One down, two to go!" The
brothers embraced for the short time of peace they had.

Rilon and Leon soon found Buji injured. With Kijin and Ritzusen
distracted, they would try and attack Buji with forceful blows. Rilon
delivered a knee to the face, just as the buff saiyan had started to
get on his knees. The attack made blood and teeth fly through the air.
Rilon kept his knee into the air to taunt the downed saiyan. the
changeling motioned for his ally, Leon to come over. This motion made
him smiled as he lifted into the air and slam his head into Buji's
ribcage. The impact of his head knocked the saiyan warrior unconscious.

Kijin's attention was now drawn to the two Changelings of Death for he
had heard the cries of pain coming from the other side of the battle
field. This enraged him and without thinking, he charged at the
changeling duo. Kijin slammed a right fist into the chest of Rilon as
he floated just a few inches from the ground. As the fist hit the
changeling, Leon grabbed the saiyan by his tail and slammed him into
the tile with much force. He landed off to the side of Leon.

"Not so tough now eh?" Leon taunted. He raised an arm of a temporal victory over the young warrior.

Ritzusen then turned after just realizing that his brother had left his
side. The saiyan warrior turned to see Rilon holding his chest and
puling himself up along with Leon standing over his brother.

"NO!" The saiyan screamed. He sped towards the duo with his feet a few
inches off of the tile and with his elbows back. Ritzusen delivered an
uppercut to the ribs of Leon and a ki blast to the face of Rilon.

Word count:413
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PostSubject: Re: Becoming a warrior   Becoming a warrior EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 4:13 pm

Rilon quickly snapped his head to the left and just missed the attack.
However, there was a scar on his right cheek. The blood started to run
down his cheek like a waterfall. Ritzusen's uppercut landed and caused
the changeling to cough. The saiyan was soon backhanded by the leader,
Rilon. His hand struck Ritzusen's face like lightning to a lightning
rod. The saiyan flew across the ring and soon landed on his back. His
head was leaning just off of the tiles as a few rocks slid off. The
changeling duo floated over towards their downed adversary. Their eyes
were red with hatred now and Leon was still somewhat slouched from the
previous uppercut. The saiyan had predicted his own fate. He knew that
he would be finished off and killed as soon as he commanded. It was
only a few seconds away. Unless he did something. Something big and
effective. He had to think on his feet for his death soon came.
Ritzusen soon thought of something.

"I surrender," He spoke. The duo's eyes popped out of their heads. They were in shock of his last words.

"A saiyan," Rilon started.

"Surrendering?" Leon finished. They looked at each other and started into a big cackle which heaved their chests up and down.

"A saiyan would never quit! they always keep trying!" In this time that
they took to speak, Ritzusen was charging an energy wave. If it were to
land, it would pierce the heads of the two changelings and kill them.
The saiyan waited until the moment of truth.

"You're right," The warrior spoke, "Saiyans ALWAYS KEEP ON TRYING!"
Ritzusen let the energy wave go. He had powered it as much as he could.
This was a one shot deal. If it were to fail, the saiyan would die at
the hands of two evil changelings. The blast traveled faster by the
second towards their heads and left their eyes a blue glow. With their
cockiness, they were hit by the blast. Two holes appeared on their
heads. Leon fell forwards with his jaw dropped and Rilon fell backwards
with his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Steam rose from both of
their dead bodies. The saiyans had won! Buji pulled himself up and
started to stumble. Kijin was still unconscious but not dead. The buff
saiyan grabbed the young saiyan and put him into his arms. Ritzusen was
fatigued from using much power into his final attack but with his
pride, he had to get up. He raised an arm of victory and the crowd
started screaming. They jumped up as confetti started to fill the
damaged ring.

"The saiyans have won!" The announcer screamed through his microphone.

"HOLD ON!" Ritzusen yelled at the top of his lungs. The crowd stopped
their hollering in order to listen to the saiyan. "You all challenged
my brother to satisfy your stupid fighting needs. Well guess what,
you're not going to be challenging him, or anyone else again. Fighting
should be for fun and voluntary. Not have people accept or die. We
overcame so much and pulled ourselves out of slavery and you treat your
fellow saiyans like this? No. If they want to fight, they will fight.
If not, leave them alone. Unless you want to be just like this trio of
changelings." Ritzusen pointed his gloved finger to the dead bodies of
Rilon, Leon, and Voltaire. One clap of applause started and soon others
followed. An ear drum busting cheer came from the crowd. They were
celebrating not only his victory over the foes, but his speech that
gave them the right to choose whether to fight or not.

"Nice job, kid," Buji spoke, still holding Kijin. the young saiyan soon woke up and started to crawl out of his arms.

"We won?" He asked with a wide grin.

"Yes we did, my brother," Ritzusen spoke. With pride, the trio stepped out of the cave entrance with the crowd still rallying.

"You did something good today Ritzusen."

"I know. And I would love to do it again." The trio headed onwards
towards their home. Even with their aches and pains, they trudged along
until they had just enough energy to start a speedy flight back home.

"You know," Kijin said, "The only bad things is that we don't have anymore clothes for awhile."

Word count: 728
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PostSubject: Re: Becoming a warrior   Becoming a warrior EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 4:13 pm

Planet Earth.. Present time.

Ritzusen stood upon the top of a large chapel. He took a stance of
pride and dignity as he looked into the blue skies. His gloved hands
were on his hips and his right foot was forwards along with his left
foot back. The saiyan closed his eyes and soaked in all of the fresh
scents of the garden below him. He was afraid that this was going to be
one of the last times he was happy, the last time he was in nature, the
last time he was alive. The saiyan dropped from his dignified pose and
looked down at the flower bed. The fresh lilies and roses started to
sprout from the ground slowly and grew into beautiful flowers. Ritzusen
walked over to a wooden cross with his head turned to the side. He had
seen some weird carvings and decided to investigate. His lengthy arm
reached to touch it and then pull him forwards. There were markings,
like a prophecy. They had shown warriors of ancient times. Battling
with fierceness and desire. they knew that they had to defeat the enemy
or it meant death. Fires surrounded dead carcasses filled with arrows
and dried blood as one soldier stood alone ready to brace the impact of
a whole army.

"That's how I should be," Ritzusen spoke. "I should fight till death no
matter what the odds!" He charged his energy up and clenched his fist
while doing it. This made his power level go to its fullest and show
his true potential. The warrior grabbed the cross and snatched it from
its concrete stand. The broken stones rolled from the stand and onto
the flower bed below. The saiyan warrior held the cross up into the air
in all of its glory. He wanted the world to see it. Even his abducted
father. The saiyan looked at the latch on his back. There once was a
sword there. He slid the cross quickly. It was just the size of his old
sword and seemed to give him strength. He smiled. "The warrior here
will be proud." Ritzusen scanned the area carefully for he did not want
to fall and hit pavement. Just as he looked over the left corner he had
found a pile of hay. It was not tied down because the ties were
scattered and it was not a rectangular block. The warm, yellow softness
awaited his 6 foot jump into it. Ritzusen soon flipped with his feet
parallel to the roof and his back erect. He moved his hands closer
together just as the fall came closer. The saiyan finished his flip and
a large amount of hay shot up like fireworks. He was now hidden and
awaited a wedding of his brother, Kijin.

Word count:460
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PostSubject: Re: Becoming a warrior   Becoming a warrior EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 4:14 pm

The saiyan peered out of the haystack with his black hair just sticking
out. The people started to rush in. They had altars and cakes and
props. This would be the tech rehearsal for the wedding. The bride and
groom did not have to be dressed but knowing his brother, Ritzusen knew
that he was gong to see a tuxedo and a wedding dress. A brown Sudan
pulled into the church parking lot. It curved and came to a stop. The
car engine revved and the wheels were running. Smoke came from behind
the rims.

"Kijin," Ritzusen spoke softly. He looked up higher and awaited his
brother to come. This would be the first time they would have seen each
other in person for a year. So far, they had only been talking through
C-wave scouter. The scouter beeped and started to buzz. This meant that
his brother was trying to contact him while he was in the haystack.
This would give his secret location away so he covered his speaker. The
muffled noise only attracted a few people but they moved on. The saiyan
pushed the talk button.

"Yes Kijin."

"Hey brother," Kijin spoke. he was exiting out of his car and as his brother expected, was in his tuxedo. "Where are you?"

"You'll see soon enough." Kijin moved forwards fixing his collar and
strutting towards the building. Then his wife came out of the car. Her
wedding dress was a silk white with the little curls on the end so when
she did a twirl, they would be noticeable. She was wearing eyeshadow
with red lipstick and blush. Her heels were black and started to clack
on the floor. They were only visible because you could see through her
dress. Kijin was still checking his scouter. Ritzusen concealed himself
and got ready for his surprise. His young brother swung his head in all
directions until the saiyan got ready. He quietly came out of the hay
and walked behind his brother. The saiyan grabbed his scouter and
started to speak.

"You know brother," Ritzusen said, "Somethings are right behind you."
Kijin quickly jerked his body around to see his smiling brother. The
two embraced with tears running down. "We've got a lot to catch up on."
The brothers walked up the stairs of the large chapel and came through
the doorway. The chapel was beautiful with singers, dancers, and
lights. Ritzusen and Kijin sat on the back bench. Kijin sat casual with
his legs crossed and his arm back as Ritzusen sat with his arms crossed
and his body erect.

Word count:432
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PostSubject: Re: Becoming a warrior   Becoming a warrior EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 4:14 pm

"What have you been doing Ritzusen?" Kijin asked. He leaned forwards
and turned his head to his brother. "Have you been getting girls?"
Ritzusen shook his head an unfolded his arms. He now leaned forward
with his elbows on his knees and his head turned the same way. Their
eyes met for a more valid conversation.

"I've been searching for father," The saiyan spoke. His voice had now
dropped an octave showing that he was sad. Their father was a great
warrior, strong and brave until he was abducted. Ritzusen swore on that
day that he would find him whether he was dead or alive. And that he
would crush the changelings just like he had done the ones before. A
priest opened the stain glass windows decorated with crosses and
squares. The sunlight shone in and hit the benches showing their velvet
backs which made sitting on them comfortable. The saiyans looked
towards the priest. His gray beard and his mustache showed that he was
an elderly man. He was about 4 feet tall and had a fat belly with a
robe. This priest would be speaking the vows. The fat man waved his
hand and with a smile, trotted away. He was waddling towards the altar
and got down to pray.

"Ritzusen," Kijin asked, "Would you come down and pray for my wedding, my wife, and my future?"

"I may not be much of a christian," Ritzusen started, "But I'll pray
with you if you'd like." The two saiyans smiled in unison and used
their hands to propel them from the bench. The priest was kneeling at
the altar with his fists together and his head bowed. The brothers did
the same and they sat in silence for awhile. The saiyans got up as soon
as the priest got up. This gave him a hard time so he toppled over and
his little feet flew into the air. The saiyan duo helped him up after
his fall and returned to their seats. Just as they sat down on the
velvet, a man came rushing in. He seemed recognizable somehow.

"Kijin, get your butt over here," He spoke sternly, "This is your
rehearsal and your chit chatting with......" The man stopped.

"Buji?" The saiyan asked. The two embraced with force. But Buji was the
stronger off the two and nearly crushed the saiyan's spine. Ritzusen
backed up holding his spine and then started to rub. "This seems more
like a family reunion more than a wedding." The saiyans walked out of
the doorway and down the small steps to the outside parking lot.

Word count:435
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The parking lot was large for the members that attended Sunday service.
Fliers hung from the red brick walling and a mailbox was perched over
towards the right of the chapel. Ritzusen was unaware and walked right
into it. Kijin snickered a bit before snapping back into shape. They
walked towards the young saiyan's fiance`. Buji and Ritzusen extended
their hands towards her and leaned forward. The lady shook their hands.
She pointed to the buff saiyan.

"You are.." The woman spoke. Her eyes were squinted and her head off to the side. Her eyebrow was cocked now.

"Buji," The saiyan spoke.

"And you?" She pointed a gloved finger at the saiyan warrior.

"Ritzusen," He answered, "It's nice to meet you in person. Kijin tells
me a lot about you through C-Wave." The saiyan released his grip and
leaned back into his former stance.

"I'm Angela. It's nice to meet you both. Kijin is always talking about
you both." She smiled, grabbed her curly dress, and clacked her way up
the stairs. A faint sound of a violin could be heard playing, "Here
comes the Bride". This was beautiful music and was soothing to the ears
of everyone that could hear the strings being plucked by the bow.

Angela walked down the aisles with a smile on her face. It was as if she was coming down for a wedding.

"Shouldn't the groom come first?" Buji asked. Kijin nodded.

"But we're doing it backwards," Kijin answered.

"Oh...." Ritzusen smiled at his brother. First he was defending him and
now he was watching him get married. It made the saiyan happy for him.

"Come on now," A voice said from farther away. Kijin waved his hands
and sped up the steps towards his bride. A lady waiting on the side
walked him down. Buji playfully punched Ritzusen in the shoulder. This
was an attention grabbed for the saiyan.

"Want some grub?" Buji asked looking down at him.

"Why not?" The saiyan answered. The two lifted into the sky and sped
off. They were headed for the best diner that they could find. It was
only one smell away.

Word count: 357
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The two saiyans flew in silence as they hovered over many cafe shops
and shopping malls. South City was jam packed with shoppers of all ages
and races. This was a booming town and you couldn't go anywhere without
meeting a guy or gal. Buji smiled at his friend after awhile. Within a
few minutes, the greasy smell of fast food came from a small
restaurant. The smell contained burgers and fresh fries. But soon a
breeze kicked in and the smell left their noses. Pollen flew in front
of their faces and eventually flew into their eyes. A soft jazz music
started to play ahead. It was soothing and made Ritzusen close his eyes
and feel the beat. He wanted to dance, but was in fear of embarrassment
by his friend. They came upon the fresh smell of coffee as they hovered
over a small shop. The two looked at each other and nodded. They knew
what they wanted. The two saiyans opened the double doors and looked up
at the menu. It was a tri-vision menu with orange florescent lighting.
This made it look kind of hazy but still easy to read. A lady in a red
uniform with a cap and gown looked at the two.

"How may I help you?" She asked. The two saiyans looked up at the menu.

"Yes," Ritzusen started, "I'll have the spicy catfish with shrimp
please and thank you." The saiyan gave a smile to the lady showing off
his pearly whites.

"And for you sir?" She put her two fists together and leaned forwards.

"I'll have the classic diner meal," Buji answered. The lady smiled.

"That'll be 20 zeni." Ritzusen reached in his pocket for the money but his friend swatted his hand.

"I've got this one." Buji handed the lady the money. She punched open
the register with her fist and put the money inside of one of the black

"Thanks Buji."

"Don't mention it."

"Your food will be coming up in just a minute. I'll show you to a
table." The cashier opened a small door down towards her waist and
walked out. The saiyan duo followed her to a bench-seated table. It was
red with brown outlining. The table was a beige color with black steel
supporting it.

The sizzle of pans and saucers filled the room along with the smell of
the warriors' food being prepared for them. Another lady came towards
the two. She was a brunette with red lip stick and a bracelet on her
left wrist. It was covered with charms and plastic decorations. She had
a note pad in her hand.

"What would you two like to drink?" She asked. The waitress was bent over with her backside visible even from the front.

"Water," Ritzusen answered.

"Coffee," Buji replied. The lady scribbled the two beverages down on
the paper and tore the small paper off. She walked over towards the
chef and kitchen crew and put it on a wall with a magnetic clip that
was hanging up.

Buji turned his attention to Ritzusen.

"I hear you've been searching for your father right?" The saiyan asked as he was getting closer. Ritzusen nodded.

"I'll find him, I swear it," The adult saiyan replied.

"This is dangerous business. You could be abducted and or killed."

"I know, and it's all worth it if I can find my father."

The saiyan leaned back in his chair and awaited his food. The two
saiyans did not make eye contact for awhile because this was on a
serious note. Ritzusen looked up into the sky and saw a large figure
heading straight towards the diner.

"Buji," The saiyan spoke, "I think father's come back." Ritzusen's
expression was now blank and he nearly passed out of his chair. Was
this really his father? Or was it a threat that he had to defend
himself from? We'll find out soon enough.

Word count:654
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Ready for grade NAO
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200,000. I am impressed here man very impressed. hell 10,000 zenny and 50+ alignment you were great.
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Becoming a warrior
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