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 Re-Called to life.

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PostSubject: Re-Called to life.   Tue Jul 13, 2010 4:05 pm

for good guys)
Overview: The angel known as Davdi has decided to restore life back to the most powerful fighter in heaven. The reason behind this is because that the universe has become unbalanced and that good must gain some leverage back in the world. The strongest fighter will be determined by a tournament. Their are 32 fighters chosen by Davdi to partake in the tournament and you were one of the lucky few. Good luck.
Requirements: +250 alignment, 200,000 PL
Rewards: Restored to life (you are brought back to the planet you died on unless you have instant transmission)

Raz stood next to 3 warriors the finals of the 32 warriors it had come down to Raz, a alien named moca a 6 foot Namick who's power level reached to 450,000 the namekian had entered to get back to planet namick, then there was dagger a female warrior from earth and human to boot. Then came alistor a giant bio android who was bent on returning to his home planet to wreak havoc and mayhem. Raz looked at the three warriors and sized them up each was powerful dagger was the weakest by far but she was a great innovator.

Raz looked up as the announcer called his name and Alastor, Raz floated up and onto the other world stone marble. It was white with squares the room was a massive dome and plenty of stars which Raz was happy about. Atmos jumped when he landed he cracked the ground trying to be intimidating, The bio androids pl needed a lot of work. The announcer yelled fight and Raz vanished appearing above the ring. He raised both hands above his hands as a massive ball of energy collected as ut began to grow.

Alistor roared as he shot into the air charging a ki ball and threw it at raz while still charging, Raz laughed as his Power hit it's max. "Eat this droid, MAJIN FURY". Raz fired the massive beam down as it closed distance alistor tried to get away but the blast hammered into him shoving him through the arena. Raz landed and flicked a foot out catching the bio android onto his back. Raz stepped down crushing the bio android's chest down to the spine blasting 5 beams into the Enemies face.

The ref announced raz the winner looking over He noticed that Dagger had beaten the namick seems she sliced him in half. Raz walked over as the next fight started .Raz Vs Dagger. Raz looked over at the human as she charged her energy summoning a destructo disk which she threw at Raz. He stood there as the discs cut through him before his arms and legs joined back together , Raz shot forward slamming a knee into the humans stomach before doing a punt kick into her chin throwing her into the air. Raz vanished appearing above the girl and did a double over hand smash into her chest shooting her to the arena ground.

Dagger bounced twice before rolling out of the ring, The ref ran forward and announced raz as the winner of the tournament. The Referee asked raz what his reward was to be. "I want to be revived". The referee nodded as he announced the reward. Now all Raz needed was to wait but before he could blink he was back on earth looking around. "Huh that was quick.
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PostSubject: Re: Re-Called to life.   Tue Jul 13, 2010 4:15 pm

approved make the fights longer next time
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Re-Called to life.
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