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 Trying out new power

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PostSubject: Trying out new power   Trying out new power EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 2:00 pm

Keitaro was in the middle of a blood soaked arena, The reason was because he was in a tournament to see if he'll lose his knight of satan rank. There were ten demons around his each more....Ugly then the last. The first one just looked like an angel that had its wings burned off. The second one was the same with some rotting flesh. The next one was red and growing horns along with the rotting flesh. Same with the fourth fifth sixth seventh and eigth one. The nineth one looked like the false king he had killed. And the tenth one was the son of king dabura him self he looked like a young dabura. Keitaro turned to the first one and sent a swift kick to his jaw.

Keitaro then fliped back and kicked the second one into the ground. The first one ran at keitaro who stuck his hand out like a gun. A small red ball of energy gatherd at the tip of his finger and when the man was close enough keitaro let the energy blast loose killing the first one. The second one got back up and grabed keitaro by the head and dug his claws in. Keitaro then possesed him and made him drop keitaro's body.

The third one finally ran at the body keitaro was in but keitaro jumped out before it was killed. Keitaro smirked and gave the third demon the finger. He rushed at keitaro who then punched him in the face sending him flying back. Keitaro grabed the demon by the head and ripped said head off. "Come on give me a real fight." as soon as the words left his mouth the fourth demon grabed him and the fifth one went to punch him in the face.

When the punch came close to his face keitaro let out a fire ball blasting the demon back. Keitaro then head butted the demon behind him with the back of his head. He then sent a hard kick to the demons jaw. "Your to weak to beat a saiyan." he said as he fired another blast at the demon that was holding him blasting its head off. The fifth one sent a kick to the back of keitaro's head sending him into a wall.

"Well that wasent very nice." keitaro said in a sarcastic voice. He then rushed at the demon punched him in the chest sending his hand through it. The sixth one ran at him keitaro possesed him and had seven and eight kill him. Keitaro then killed seven and eight with a blast from the evil gun and ripping their head off each respectivly. All that was left was nine and dabura jr.

Keitaro saw dabura jr had already killed number nine and was rushing at keitaro. Keitaro jumped over jr and sent a kick to his head sending jr into the dirt. He then flew into the air and fired four evil gun blast at jr killing him as well. Keitaro wiped the sweat off of his for head and smirked. "To easy...Maybe the next ones well give me a better challenge." he said walking away leaveing a bloody mess.
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PostSubject: Re: Trying out new power   Trying out new power EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 2:06 pm

wow...I mean good work..10,000 and another 10 for bonus...I told you the details helped.and - 20 alignment good man.
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Trying out new power
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