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 Baki in wonderland

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PostSubject: Baki in wonderland   Baki in wonderland EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 12:46 pm

Chapter One: The Rabbit Hole

Baki felt the heat of the spring time sun bathing him in it’s warm and wonderful rays of golden light. He smiled under the Birch Tree, loving every second of his life and the spring. Baki smiled and said to himself. “My, what a glorious day!” he declared. He was called into the house by master Roshi and replied, “Coming Master!” he said.

Baki’s orange gi was sticky with sweat, he had been training alone again, Roshi’s laziness was costing him precious time he could have been training Baki. The thought of it made Baki grit his teeth but he got up with a happy and joyous smile and began to walk to the Pink house titled, Kame House. Suddenly a white Rabbit came to his island and left Baki in Awe. He had never seen a rabbit before and it excited him. “Hey there little fella, what’s your name?” The white Rabbit winkled it’s nose at Baki and ran off into a lime green shrubs, leaving a trail of leaves behind it. “Hey buddy get Back over here!” Baki said chasing it playfully.

The rabbit ran on the ocean and ran faster than any normal human. Baki was curious and chased after it. “Hey hold on!” He said. The rabbit ran and ran, on water it’s floppy white feet splashing and leaving ripples in the ocean current. “Hey I said hold on!” Baki said. The rabbit then ran faster than ever and was gone in a second and then a few yards ahead the white rabbit ran up the beach from the ocean still running. “What the?” Baki pushed more ki behind his feet and ran chasing the rabbit trying to catch up.

Baki could not help but laugh at the way he is acting now. He is a sayian, a race set on conquering planets and come from a race of barbarians. Baki himself is the son of Ogre, The Master General of al King Vegita’s Elite army. Yet, here he was. Chasing a white rabbit. Baki laughed like an infant child sucking on a sweet and chewy pacifier. He lunged at the Rabbit as it ducked under a tree and he fell. He fell and fell and fell until he reached the bottom of a large hole. The floor was extremely wet and muddy. It dirtied Baki’s boots and het felt somewhat crapped in such a small hole. “Aw damn…” Baki said leaning back against a wall he began to think himself out his this mess.

The dreams of the extraordinary imaginings he used to visualize were almost absent from his mind. The countless days he endured in his life in the dark tradgedys. The high class rules and norms he had to live by was stripped of him by the dark revolver. Only since a child did he come to wonder what life must be like outside of this one. Days he pressed herself against the garden trees, and daydreamed the unimaginable. As an infant he reached the impossible and escaped an execution that was unjust to him. When he was a child he thought of the ability to flight…

“That’s IT!” Thought Baki, His mind was now a racing a single thought….flight. He begun to concentrate on flying once again, he rose a few inches but fell. “What the?” He concentrated again and again but to no use, he was stuck. “I am very good at flying I wonder what is the matter with me?” Baki said looking around. He found a door, in fact he found three doors. He opened one but behind it was a brick wall. “That’s no use…” He said to himself. “He opened another only to see another brick wall. “Oh how FUCKED UP IS THIS!” Baki said. Baki tried the last door and once again, behind the door was another brick wall. “WHAT SORT OF CRACKED UP LOONY BIN IS THIS?” He said.

Baki searched the room, scanning above he could see nothing but pitch black. “Well I wouldn’t have been able to see anything anyway.” Baki said looking for another way out of this room. He noticed a shimmer behind a curtain and moving the velvet cloth out of the way he spotted a door, a door fit for a rabbit perhaps yet not for a highly overgrown Baki.

Baki stepped back from the door thinking on what to do next when he finds a glass table. The table had a brilliant white cloth and a glass green bottle of purple liquid inside of it. A tag was attacked to the cork of the bottle that read, Drink me.

Baki’s stomach growled, “Well I AM thirsty.” He said taking a large gulp of the liquid his stomach felt queasy and the room began to spin. “Oh fuck….” Baki cursed, the room spun around him and he fainted.

Baki awoke from the darkness of his sleep to find himself smaller than usual. His orange gi fighting outfit no longer fit him so instead he wore the top of it to serve as a robe similar to what monks use. Baki ran to the door and tried to open it, the door knob twisted itself and spoke. “HEY! You need the key if your going through me BUDDY!” Baki scratched his head. “KEY?” The door spoke. “Yes, nitwit the KEY! It is on the table. Any idiot can see it.” Baki turned and saw the key on the table but was now too short to reach it. Not to mention his ability to flight has been suspended. “That figures…” Baki said. Running to the table he looked up. “How am I suppose to get it now?” He asked, he looked to his feet and saw a paper plate with a piece of cake that said, Eat me.

“well it can’t hurt anymore to try…” He said as he took a small bite of the cake. He returned to normal size, and reached for the key and grabbed it. “YES!” declared Baki. He ran to the door and fitted the Key into the knob he felt a sound that was beautiful music to his ears. Click, the door went. He smiled as he swung the door wide open and stepped into another space of darkness. He entered the dark place and heard the door slam behind him, with no light to show where he was. He fell, and fell…and fell.

Chapter two: The Prophet

Baki awoke from his unconscious sleep and woke up dry eyed to a place full of strange trees. The trees were unlike anything Baki has seen before, he saw that the leaves were not only green as the trees on Earth. Not only were they not just green but they were different shades of all sorts of colors. The most Baki saw in his blurred vision was blue, purple and green. These cool colored leaves bore fruit and flowers that were very bright and fiery such as red, yellow, orange and gold. Baki rubbed the back of his head. He turned to see two very strange looking creatures. A twin set creatures as a matter of fact. Both were bald and wore the same matching outfit which consisted of a black and white striped, long sleeve shirt, red suspenders with golden buttons, mud brown trousers and black shoes with grey stalking. “Hey dee, He ain’t the bloke who I think is, is he?” said one.

“I dunno Dum, He don’t look like the bloke so I suppose he ain’t who he is.” Said the other.

“How do you say he ain’t who he is, he is right there and he is what he is, is he?” Said the one known as Dum. “Well let’s say we ask him, he don’t look too busy.” Said Dee looking at Baki. Baki gave a puzzled look. “Um, excuse me…” “He looks busy let not…” Baki cut in “EXCUSE ME!”

“What?” said the two twins at the same time. “The name’s Baki, I was chasing a Rabbit when all of a sudden…” A squeaky voice cut in. “Roofert, you carrot head! You brought the WRONG Baki! HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW! He ain’t even a human for the queen’s sake!” Baki turned his head left and right only to look down and find a small door mouse, no bigger than Baki’s Toe insulting him. “Do you know how many Baki’s are there? Silly girl, one was a full grown adult in some bloody sand village and another Baki is some fighter but is defiantly not the right Baki so this was the closest to the Baki we need I could find.” Baki coughed to grab their attention. “Um..I don’t mean to interrupt but…”

Baki was interrupted again. “He gots to be the real Baki, if not he wouldn’t have gotten through the door…” says Dum. Dee slaps him on the back of his baby like bald head. “Any bloke can go through that door, Dum.” Dum pushed Dee. “HEY! Don’t slap me!” Dee pushed dum. “HEY! Don’t shove me!” The white rabbit slapped his head, “Ah nitwits…”

Baki felt himself tire quickly and wobbled as he took a step forward. He raised a hand in the air to shot a ki blast but no ki came out of his hands, no matter how long or hard he concentrated. “What gives? Ever since I got in this crazy place I can’t use any ki or even fly for that matter!” He turned to see he was ignored. All the animals were trying to stop Twiddle-Dee and Twiddle-Dum not to fight each other. Baki yelled, “I AM WHO I AM FOR CHRISTS SAKES!”

Twiddle-Dee stopped his fight and said “Christ? What’s that? Is it a flower of some sort?” Twiddle dum cut in, “No it’s a fruit you nitwit.” Baki shoved the palm of his hand into his forehead and sighed. “Look I just want to get out of this loony bin and get back to Master Roshi’s Island…”

“Wait! I know how we can prove he’s the real Baki!” Cut in the door mouse. “Let’s take him to Absalom!

“YES! Take him to Absalom! He will know if this is the real Baki or not!” said the white rabbit. Baki slapped the side of his head with the palm of his head in agitation. “good grief…” He said.

The twins went to Baki, being obviously a lot shorter than he is each standing to around three to maybe four feet while Baki stood at five and a half feet The twins each said. “I’ll escort you.” Baki shook his head. “Fine, just take me to this…Absalom so I can get the hell out of here.”

The group of creatures lead Baki to a lighter part of the forest where mushrooms of all sizes stood in various colors. Baki could see mountains upon Mountains of mushrooms, all varied in colors. The door mouse nibbled on a piece of mushroom as the group walked. Suddenly they stopped in front of a blue mushroom with maroon dots. “What the hell why did we stop in front of…” He stopped his words as soon as he saw an eerie blue mist foam around the mushroom that made Baki shudder. Perhaps this Absalom was a creature that they gave sacrifices to or a monster that would eat Baki. Or some soul stealing demon. Baki gulped as the mist cleared a blue caterpillar stood with a pip in hand smoking away and causing more mist to form.

“And WhO aRe yoU…” The caterpillar said mouthing smoke word of O,R and U to Baki making him gasp and wave the smoke away with his hands. “I’m Baki Ookami…” He replied. The caterpillar turned to the white rabbit. “So is this the best Baki you could find.” The white Rabbit nodded. “Yes, is he the one?” The caterpillar gave a smirk. “He’s Hardly the real Baki…” he said.

“Told you he wasn’t the real Baki…” Said Twiddle Dee. “HEY! I said he wasn’t the real Baki!” said Twiddle Dum. Baki shook his head “Why does it matter if I am the real Baki or not. What Baki are you looking for?”

“Door mouse, Show him the calendar…” said Absalom said. “Right!” Cheered the door mouse as she pulled out a scroll twice as big as her from her pocket and rolled it out in front of Baki. “We need to find the real Baki by Blunts day which is the day the real Baki slays the Red Queen’s Jabber Walkie.”

“A WHAT!?!?” Asked Baki. “In your world, it’s similar to a dragon.” Said Absalom. “On that day the red queen will lose all her power and the white queen will rule over wonderland once again.”


A war horn is heard in the distance and a black knight with a black eye patch in the shape of a heart riding a black stallion is seen above a hill. “THE KNAVE!” screamed Absalom as he disappears in a puff of blue smoke. “The KNAVE!” yelled the white rabbit and snacthing the door mouse off the mushroom he ran off, letting her drop the calendar scroll. “Baki follow me!” said twiddle dee. “NO! Follow me!” said twiddle dum as the knight charged with a velvet red sword in a black hilt charging. He lead a horde of Red Cards that walked upright like men and stood ten feet tall behind him caring lances. “Oh fuck…” Baki mouthed, seeing the situation before him.

Chapter Three: A Grin Without a Cat

Baki had never seen death this close before yet here he was facing it. He and the two twins, Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum where surrounded by hordes of the Red Queens Cards. Baki instantly got into a stance ready to fight until his last breath. “You two get behind me…” He said but then a voice form the shadows whispered into his head. Run… Don’t fight…Just run. Baki knew he should fight and that it would seem cowardly to run but the odds were against him and there was no point in dying now he need to escape. “COME ON!” Baki said grabbing each twin in each arm he dashed through an opening in the red Cards, shoving a few aside. The Black Knave waved his sword in the air and yelled, “AFTER HIM! Don’t let him escape!”

Baki ran as fast as he could, luckily he had had training under Roshi for years, even though he had been refused any techniques, he had improved strength and speed wise for years. Baki dashed and ran until the soles of his boots wore out and he could not hear the clanking of the red card’s metal lances and spears anymore. Baki and the twins rested under a blue tree. “That was close…” Said Baki after nearly being captured by the black knave. Who he had no idea why he was being chased after either. “So why was that guy chasing us?” Said Baki. Twiddle Dee answered. “The queen is executing all members of the white queen’s kingdom. She is safe in her castle but we still get hunted down. A few of us work for the red queen as spies though, bloody red queen don’t know squat bout that though.”

Twiddle Dum nodded in agreement. “Yep, we got away this time but that bloody queen has the whole wonderland looking for the real Baki, She knows the prophecy but don’t know which day it’ll be.” Twiddle Dee continued. “Yep, but we do that’s why we have the calendar scroll. It tells us everything about everyday that will ever exist, up until the day The real Baki slays the red queen’s pet that is.”

Baki shot his eyes wide open upon hearing this. “So where’s the scroll now?” Twiddle Dee turned to twiddle Dum. “I thought you had it.” Twiddle Dum turned to Twiddle Dee, “I was occupied escorting Mr. Baki I thought you had it.” Baki interrupted before their argument escalated into a full blown war. “Okay…So we LEFT the only advantage your people had back where Mr. Sleeps with knives and Red cards is. You….You…” Baki said angered by the sheer stupidity of the two twins. “YOUR BOTH MAD!” Baki yelled in anger.

“Oh you can’t help that. Most everyone’s mad here.” A voice familiar to the voice that told Baki to run said above them. “But then again…I am not really their myself.” Said a voice looking up Baki could see nothing. “Come out!” ordered Baki. “Oh fine…” Answered the voice. Suddenly before him a cat in purple stripes appeared before Baki and the Two Twins. He stood on his head and gave a yellow smile upon them. “What’s wrong? Can’t think on your head? Maybe I should Think on my feet and answer a few questions.” Said the Cat rolling back to sit up straight and grinned as his head popped off his body and on to his shoulders. “Well…I need to know if I am the real Baki. That way I can know wither to help these people or not. No matter how idiotic they may seem.” Baki said motioning to Twiddle Dee andTwiddle Dum. “Hm…That’s a tough question indeed, Are you the real Baki?” said the cat.

“Am I?” asked Baki

“Am I what?” replied the Cat

“The real Baki, You said you’ll answer my questions.”

“What questions?” responded the Cat.

“For Christ’s Sake…” Moaned Baki slapping his forehead.

“Christ? Is that a fruit?” Asked the Cat.

By this time Baki was angry and had enough of this nonsense. “I AM THE ONE ASKING QUESTIONS HERE!” The cat only showed it’s toothy grin and gave a girlish giggle. “My, My, Aren’t you impatient.” Stated the Cat giving his grin. “The name’s Cheshire by the way, and I can’t really answer that particular question. Try Asking the Hatter…” He said beginning to fade away. “He is having a tea party…That way.” Said the cat pointing in the direction of west of where they were. As he faded into a pink mist only his smile remained.

“I’ve seen cats without grins but never a grin without a cat.” Baki said with a puzzled thought. “Though Baki didn’t like the idea of staying in this strange world any second more than he had to he had to know if he was the Baki everyone depends on for fighting the Dragon that needs to be slain. He signed and with twiddle Dee and twiddle Dum. “Come on knuckle heads, we got a Mad Tea party to go to…”

The twins gave excited expressions “A PARTY!” said them both at the same time. “How delightful we should dress up nice.” Said Twiddle Dee, “No No No! Dress casual! We don’t wanna look like bloody blokes with no lives!” Baki shook his head and let them argue throughout most of the walk through the blue forests of wonderland.

Suddenly through the shade of the dark blue leaves came a light at the end of the trail. Baki and the two twins followed the trail and were in the middle of a clearing. The twins ran forward ahead of Baki and ran to a wooden table. The table had many empty chairs besides a brown Hare and man with fiery red hair and a large abnormal green hat.

“DEE! DUM! So DELIGHTED you could make it on time!” Exclaimed the man. He turned his mysterious green limed eyes on Baki. “Who’s this? You brought a guest? How DELIGHTFUL!” Cheered the man jumping up onto the table he walked on various pots and pans to finally be a few feet from Baki. “Allow me to introduce myself, I am the Hatter. The Mad Hatter…But my friends call me Mad. Some friends right?” The hatter laughed. Baki gave an awkward grin. “Oh great…” He thought.

Chapter Four: A mad Tea Party

Baki looked to the scene around him, Two twins that disagreed with each other on every sentence. A man who claimed to be “Mad” Which makes him mad for claiming to be. Yet Baki asked himself if that were the case then why does it not make someone a genius when someone claims to be a genius yet when someone claims to be mad then they are. The question hurt Baki’s head as he turned to noticed the door mouse sleeping in a tea cup, a bit of biscuit in it’s paw, and the White Rabbit sitting nervously with the brown Hare.

“Hey, Mad! The Chestier Cat told us to bring this bloke to you…” Started Dee.

“So we can learn if he is the Baki we have all been looking for. Well…Is he?” Finished Dum

“Now, now now…It’s not polite to start asking questions right off the bat. What did Absalom say?” Asked the Mad Hatter.

“He said he was Hardly the Real Baki…” Said the white Rabbit sipping from a cup of tea, the green liquid warmed his lips and he smelled the cup. Enjoying the scent of fresh Jasmine.

“Oh he played a real nasty trick on you all, He IS the Real Baki. He said he’s not Hardly the Real Baki because he EXACTLY is the Real Baki if you catch my meaning…” Said the hatter. At once he bowed to Baki. “Oh great dragon Slayer, Let me by your body guard to you before this task so that you may slay the wicked Dragon and free Wonderland from that wretched red Queen.” He raised his green eyes now a diamond red. “THE RED QUEEN OF HEARTS! OFF WITH HER HEAD! GIVE THE BLOODY RED QUEEN DEATH! OFF WITH HER HEAD!” Cheered the party. A loud boom came from the distance.

The Knave of Heart’s War Horn sounded and he could be seen a few miles in the distance atop a lonely hill top. “BAKI QUICK EAT THIS!” He said shoving a plate of Cake to Baki’s Chest. The Knave of Hearts galloped closer to the Party, Hi black eye patch clearly seen from afar. Baki had no time to think as soon as he opened his mouth to object the Hatter shoved a large piece of Cake down his throat and Baki began to shrink out of his cloths until he was naked in an akward place. “WHAT THE HELL!” Baki said. The hatter placed Baki in his hat. “Now be silent…” He said hushing Baki. Baki could see the Knave coming and silently nodding and giving into the Hatter’s plan he hid under his hat and the Hatter placed it top his head and smiled as the Knave of hearts slid off his horse and Walked towards the Mad Tea Party.

The Knave of Hearts stood a clear nine feet tall with a long sword weighing nine hundred and ninety nine pounds and smirked as he approached the Party looking at all the characters suspiciously. “Good Evening, Hatter.” Remarked the Knave. His long Dark Black Hair hung on his shoulders and his black eyepacthh in the shape of a heart covered his left eye. “Morning JACK!” Exclaimed the hatter, clearly the joke took its effect and the white rabbit and the march hair fell out of their seats laughing. The Door mouse nearly choked on her piece of bread from laughing and the two twins, Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum started laughing in a strange monotone.

The knave signed and “Idiots…” He said walking towards the Hatter. “So I suppose you have not seen…a person around have you?” Baki gulped under the Mad Hatter’s Hat and the white rabbit asked the Knave. “Why? Are you searching for someone?” The knave gave a smug reply. “I don’t answer to anything White, you snow pale rodent…” The White Rabbit shuddered in fear of the Knave and the door mouse gave him a cold hearted glare after he used the term Rodent in an insulting manner.

“Cheer up guys it’s a PARTY!” Said the Hatter taking a sip of tea. “Would you like some more tea, Jack? You can’t have any more if you haven’t had any…” said the hatter.

The knave of hearts shook his head, his black hair trailing his head movements. “I’ll be off now, and you better tell someone under the red queen’s authority if you ever hear of a bloke named…Baki Ookami.” And with that, he tossed himself up onto the veins of his black stallion and he was off. As soon as he was no longer visible the Mad Hatter whispered. “Baki…It’s safe now.” Baki stuck his head out and simply said. “I’m not coming out until I have some cloths on…”

“A perfectly good excuse…” Said the hatter grabbing a piece of his orange Gi he used a pair of scissors and snipped and snapped a new wardrobe for Baki, Making a Orange Gi robe for him to wear, yet he could not make him any boots. “Here you go…” Said the hatter handing Baki his new wardrobe. Baki thanked him and without a word he slipped into his orange roabe and climbed onto the hatter’s shoulder. “That was a close one. What exactly is the knave of heart’s and what does he want from me?”

The hatter frowned and carried Baki onto his shoulders. “Well, party is over now I suppose. And I also suppose you want to hear the full story on Wonderland don’t you?” The Mad hatter said turning to Baki. “Well if it’s not too much trouble…” Said Baki.

The hatter breathed deeply and sighed, “There was once a time when things weren’t always like this.” He said, with a snap of his fingers he and Baki were alone in a darker part of the forest. The trees were burned black and the sun shone in the area due to no leaves on the dead remains of the once forest area. “What happened?” Asked Baki. The Hatter took off his hat and took out a picture of the Red Queen, She had an extremely large head, Flame red hair and her lips were velvet red and heart shaped. Her eyes were a hard and yet unforgiving golden brown and the hatter said, “She happened…”

Chapter Five: A history

The Mad Hatter lifted Baki up all of a sudden and tossed him into his hat. Baki fell down a deep and dark hole, similar to the rabbit hole instead this time when he landed he could feel the sharp twigs of the area stab at his bare feet. Baki opened his eyes to see a glorious festival with all types of food and beverages. He saw dances with people wearing all white. They were happy and were of a pure hearted breed. He could see many of them with pale white skin, as soft as the snow. Baki could see the mad hatter chatting away happily with the door mouse. Baki tried to get his attention.

“Hey Mad!” Baki called out to no answer. “MAD!” Baki yelled a bit louder but to no avail. Baki walked over to the Hatter and tried to place a hand on his shoulder. “Answer me when I’m talking to you, you nit witted…” Baki said but stopped as his hand passed through him. Baki gasped as he had just seen as though he had just become a ghost and was in a scene. “Baki!” called a voice. “This is the hatter, you are in a memory. I’m showing you what happened that day…”said the voice that seemingly came from no where. The Mad Hatter in the memory was in all white and wore a joyful expression on his goofy face. His green eyes made contact with someone who seemed important because she was not only the most beautiful person at the dance but she was the only one that wore anything else but white on her, which was black. She had heart shaped lips just like the red queen did only she was more beautiful and was wearing black lipstick to show them off more. Also she wore a brilliant silver crown atop her head and Dark eyebrows. She Hard black painted finger nails and crystal blue eyes that ade her stand out far more than any other person at the ball.

The Mad hatter walked up to her and bowed. “My white queen, it gives me great pride to see you wearing the silver crown I have given you.” The queen gave a brilliant smile at the hatter and replied. “Your pure heart and kind gift flatters me so, Hatter. Are you enjoying yourself at the annual ball?” Said the beautiful and busty white queen. “Oh yes, indeed I am. In fact I was talking to Absalom the other day and he showed me something dire that is going to happen today that I must tell you…” The queen held up a hand to silence the hatter. “Absalom is a wise Caterpillar yet I refuse to use the calendar to know things ahead of time. It goes against my principals. Anything that must happen, must happen. And if this involves my misguided red sister I personally don’t…” Yet he voice was drowned out by a beast’s mighty roar.

Aboe in the sky, the white sun turned blood red and a red dragon appeared. He had black spikes atop his skull and down his spine yet he was a beast completely consumed with red rage. He raised his head and spat fire to the village. The white Citizens of the White Queen ran with their bodies on fire. The red flame eating their bodies alive. The white queen had tried to calm her white horse when a black stallion charged and knocked her horse and her down. Then the Knave of hearts appeared and Seized the White queen by the throat. “Your coming with me…bitch…”

“NO!” Yelled Baki charging at the knave he raised a fist in anger and tried to land a mighty punch on the knave, attempting to stop him from taking the white queen away. His punch simply went through him and Baki landed on the ground. You cannot stop what has already been done. Yet do not worry, the queen escaped much later and now resides in her White Palace. Said the Hatter’s voice.

The Mad Hater from the memory attempted to put out the flames and after turning around to see the black knave tie the White Queen to his horse he yelled. “NO!” And charged. The knave easily with the swing of his sword cut the Hatter down and left him bleeding in the burning grass field. Baki blinked and opened his eyes to reality once more.

“Absalom healed my wound yet the knave took the queen. I could never forgive myself for not being able to protect her majesty. And now Wonderland is ruled by the Red Queen. He Power is far greater than any imagined. She has executed over two million inhabitants of Wonderland for her own personal reasons. She had killed the white queen’s husband and her own husband…She is truly Barbaric. DEATH TO THE BLOODY RED QUEEN!” yelled the mad hatter in anger.

Baki blinked and frowned upon hearing all that has happened. He was truly speechless. And said “I swear to you hatter we will save wonderland form the red queen.” Said Baki giving his word as a sayian and a student of Roshi he roared. “DEATH TO THE BLOODY RED QUEEN!”

At once these words were spoken a squadron of Red Cards came with lances to seize the small Baki and Mad hatter. “Guess they must’ve found us.” Said the hatter and ran shielding Baki from the view of the cards. The mad hatter ran like a mad man, or rather in this case, he ran like a sane man. He stopped as he saw he was trapped by a lake crossing his path and Red squadron of red cars coming to chase after him. He placed Baki in his hat and said. “Good luck…” He tossed the hat over the lake and it landed perfectly under a tree as the Red cards surrounded the hatter. “DEATH TO THE BLOODY RED QUEEN!” Said the hatter, as he was seized by the red cards and carried off. Baki was now left alone. Less than a tenth of his orginal size and without the use of his flight and ki skills, he was more vulnerable than ever.

Chapter six: In the Palace of White

Baki had only a second of despair and vulnerability to him self before help had arrived. The Cat again with his smile had appeared before Baki in a fashionable statement. “Sooo…The hero hides under a Hat, Needing help from the grinning Cat?” Rhymed Chestier Cat. “Oh shut up and help me up.” Said Baki. Chestire gave a grin and said “Uh uh, not until you give me a rhyme on the prime.” Baki groaned seeing that there is no point in argueing with someone from this wonderland of nonsense.

“I am Baki, I like drinking Saki. And your little game will not stop me, so hurry up and let me ride your back we got time to beat!” Baki said rhyming and being very lyrical. The Mad Cat clapped in applause. “Bravo Baki! Bravo! Now let’s get to it!” Chestier Cat said. Baki climbed up the side of his back and hung on the top of his neck.

The Chestier Cat ran faster than any animal Baki has seen before. Even faster than the white rabbit did the cat run, his fat pinkish purple belly bouncing up and down like a sail ship on the ocean current. Baki felt awkward clinging onto the hairs of the cat’s neck. He tried doing his best but occasionally during the trip Baki would lose his grip and fall off the cat, only to jump back on him and ride again. It took a full day to reach the entrance of the white palace and Baki listened as the Cat passed the time sharing a few stories of the White Queen with Baki. “She’s a real Queen, noble, kind and beautiful not to mention…” Said the cat purring in a dream like gaze. The cat continued describing all the kind deeds the queen has done in the past, describing in detail the wonders she does for the common creature and how strong she believes in her standards, vowing never to harm a living creature.

It took a full four hours for the Cat to stop finding nice things to say about the white queen without repeating himself. Baki stood in front of an entrance of a wonderful palace that sparkled with the golden gates of what seemed like pure heaven itself. Baki rubbed the back of his head feeling rather embarrassed in his situation being miniaturized in size Baki bounced up and down the cat’s back as the cat ran up the white stone marble steps of the white palace. The Chestier Cat stopped in front of the White Queen.

The White Queen was among one of the most beautiful people Baki had ever seen. He pale skin was as white as the flurecent snow and she wore a dress that matched her skin as though it was a wedding dress. She had blue eyes and black lips that were in the shape of a small heart. She had twin blue eyes that sparkled like twin jewels of the same diamond, perhaps of the Sapphire brand. Baki looked at her in awe as she gave a glance down to the Cat. “Ahh Chestier, I am so glad to make yourself here.” She said with a smile kneeling down to pet the cat and caressed it with love and affection. The cat purred in affection and let Baki off his back. “And who might this be chestier? A friend from small-ville?”

“Actually my name is Baki, Baki Ookami.” Said Baki noting his smaller size. “And I’m not usually small I am normally 5’’6 but lately I’ve been feeling quite short handed recently.” He cracked. The queen chuckled and pulling a golden scepter from her back pocket she waved it over Baki and said. “Grande…” At these words and the motions of her wand Baki grew to his normal size. “We need you at normal size before the war.” Stated the beautiful and busty white queen who smiled at Baki. “So you are THE Baki, The Baki which will free wonderland and give me back my rightful place as queen of wonderland to rule with a just cause. I understand this must over realm you so let me explain…” The queen began.

“In every world there is two forces…good and evil. Now I was born of the first king of wonderland named Pater, Pater was the father of all that was born in wonderland originally. He was and is basically what your realm would call a “God” to us. He created me from his own pure being and sent me into the womb of a White Rose and thus I was born into the world by nature in the winter. I was taught by Pater himself never to harm any living being and so I did, I was kind and caring and the creatures of wonderland love me for it so in return I love them back.” She paused for a second leading Baki and the cat up her marble stairs into the balcony of the white palace. “I apologize for making myself sound so special when I am really not. I was born of all the good in wonderland, alas my sister or rather half sister as she prefers it to be said is born of the opposite….” She continued. Baki hung on every word she said while the cat who must’ve heard this story over millions of times listened without break from his toothy grin. “Pater had to create an equal yet opposite force to counter the joy I bring in wonderland. Pater went into the farthest universes and dimensions and gathered enough evil to counter my good and created the soul of my sister, the red queen. She was born from the womb of the red roses of wonderland, she controls the cards while I control the chess pieces.” She explained. “The two beings of wonderland with any military like power, it is said on the day you slay the jabberwocky I claim the crown of Pater and rule all of wonderland for all of eternity with a peaceful existence and harmony. Currently the crown is worn by my poor misguided sister.” Baki rubbed his chin. “Wow…” he said. “To think the hatter is in her dungeon somewhere…he was a brave soldier. A very loyal and good man.” Said the White queen. She laid a heavenly hand on Baki’s shoulder. “Come…I must train you during your time in wonderland, we haven’t a moment to lose!” she exclaimed.

Baki gently laid her hand aside and said. “I don’t mind training or anything but I MUST save the hatter from the clutches of the red queen. He risked his life trying to transport me here so I must go save him.” The white queen shook her head sadly. “There isn’t enough time Baki, You are indeed Brave and loyal to your friends yet the Red Queen’s palace is too well guarded. It isn’t safe! Hatter can survive you need training!” She insisted. “I need to save the hatter!” Said Baki raising his voice, The white queen looked at him and gave a smile waving her hand in the air as she spoke. “Very well then I see no point in arguing with you, if you feel the need to save the hatter then you must go, yet I must urge you…there will be a moment in time when you are tempted by the red queen to fight for her and if you do wonderland will fall into chaos and despair for the rest of it’s existence. I also advise you not to kill her for if she dies then the evil and good balance in wonderland will slip and my life will be the price to pay for this inbalance. I urge you Baki, use secrecy and bring the hatter home to me safe.” With that she gathered blue crystallized powder in her hands and said. “I wish you well…savior Baki Ookami….” And with that she blew the magical powder on Baki and at once he was found himself naked in a garden of red roses…

Chapter Seven: The Red Fortress

Baki had felt the thorns of the Rose bushes scratch and peck at his back while his long black hair was somehow tangled with a thorn forcing Baki to forcefully pull his hair from the branch and cause himself a lot of pain. Baki got up with a few scratches and a few drops of blood on his body from the cuts of the thorns. “I guess every rose will have its thorn.” Said Baki. Baki hastily searched for cloths but was in vain. He scanned the area around him. It was a garden. A magnificent garden of red roses but as Baki felt to touch one he noticed something red and wet came right off the roses. “Paint?” He said sniffing the red stuff. He wipped it off on the grasses and taking a rose off it’s branch he smeared it on the grass and looked as some white was showing. “THESE WHITE ROSES ARE PAINTED RED!” Declared Baki. He was startled by the sound of trumpets and the sound of marching and trembled as he saw red cards and the Red Queen of Hearts approached.

The Red queen had heart shaped lips which were velvet red and wore a magnificent black and red drew with a long white collar around her entire neck. He eye’s mascara was a light blue and she held a golden scepter in her lap similar to the her very beautiful yet superior in popularity of the people of wonderland, sister. She saw Baki, and blushed a ligh shade of red. She yelled, “HALT!” and the party accompanying her stopped. She stormed to where Baki was and held her scepter at his face. “Who do you think you are?” She challenged him. Baki looked lost covering his junk with his hands keeping what’s left of his decency. “excuse me?” answered Baki. “PUT SOME CLOTHS ON YOU ARE IN THE PRESECE OF THE RED QUEEN OF WONDERLAND!” She roared her face very red. “The penalty is DEATH for this offense. GUARDS!” she roared. “OFF WITH HIS HEAD!”

”Oh damn…” said Baki as he felt the tips of spears aim themselves at him. “WAIT!” yelled the loud and bossy red queen of wonderland and paced around Baki giving him glances up and down. “You can be my new singer.” Baki raised his brow. “A what?” She tapped her foot impatiently “It’s either the guillotine or the Choir Room. YOUR CHOICE!” she yelled at him. “fine…” Said Baki rolling his eyes. “Just give me some damn cloths…”

*much later in the heart of the fortress of the red queen of wonderland*

Baki grumbled as he wore a black gi with a red belt around his body, the cloths made him stiff and uncomfortable while the red queen sat on her golden throne and ordered her keeper. “Keeper! I need a pig here!” At once a squealing babe pig was brought in and she laid her feet on it’s big pink and fat belly. “Ahh much better.”

“Singer I commandth the to Sing. SING!” she barked. Baki grumbled and began a song off the top of his head. “I rhyme, yo the prime, it’s all in the time, you don’t think it’s right to express myself but I feel it’s time…” he began she looked up in shook of his lyrics. “It’s just all in your mind, with your interpreted ass, I say to fight and you take it as I’m gonna whip someone’s ass, if you don’t understand don’t even bother to ask, a brother who has grown up with a fatherless past.” He began the queen gave a dirty look to him as he sang. “Imagine it’s pouring, it’s raining down on us, mosh pits, outside the red fortress, maybe this is GOD just saying were are responsible, for this MONSTER, This COWARD, that we INPOWERED. HOW could we allow something like THIS, Without pumping our FISTS! Now this is our, final HOUR!” The servants turned to Baki as he spoke is very political song. “no more blood for spoils, we got our own battles to fight on our home soil, no more fear of being disloyal, The red queen says NO! we say YEAH! She says STOP! I SAY GO! THE POWER OF THE REBEL YELL RAIN’S HOW WE GONNA LET EM KNOW!” He began a riot in her royal court as her servants began to sing with David. “MOSH,PUSH,STOMP,MAKE A SCENE! FUCK THE RED QUEEN!” At this moment the red queen’s large head turned a shade of deeo red with rage.

“OFF WITH HIS HEADS!” As soon as the guards came the crowd of servants attacked them fighting back for once in their lives. Baki used this to run to the dungeon and find the mad hatter. The hatter laid in his Cell sipping some brown liquid that Baki figured was dirty water that the hatter pretended was Tea. “Here already? I was about to leave without you!” He said goofing off her held a palm of blue powder. “Ready to leave?” Baki stared at him angrily. “YOU COULD’VE LEFT ANYTIME YOU WANTED AND YOU MADE ME GO THROUGH ALL OF THAT!” the mad hatter shook and smiled. “yes.”

Baki gritted his teeth with anger. “AHHH!” he roared as he felt himself teleport again to the presence of the white queen. He turned Angrily at her. “YOU KNEW!” he said. “Yes but it is all part of the prophecy, you save the hatter and now in return he will train you and teach you how to fight with swords.” She explained. Baki gave a faceplam to himself and turned to the hatter. “I need to get stronger…” The hatter replied, “Strength isn’t everything, Sometimes you have to think like a madman to win fights, and in some battles you need to think so mad it’s perfectly sane.” Baki shook his head. “That makes no sense whatsoever.” The hatter laughs it off and answers. “You’ll see. Anyways tomorrow is training day so get a god night’s meal and sleep and I’ll see you in the courtyard at 15 minutes before your late.” Baki shook his head. “Just say nine clock…”

Chapter 9: The silence before the storm

Baki walked into the courtyard where the mad hatter was waiting. “OH GOODIE YOU ON TIME!” he addressed. “Come on let me show you your battle gear!” he said running to the armory. Baki walked calmly after him too tired and too asleep to run now. He came across a silver vault in the armor and he saw as the hatter spun the wheel to unlock the vault like a toy and laughed as the locks unclicked and clicked tighter locking it and unlocking it. “This is so much fun you should try this!” Baki shook his head and after several minutes of repeated nonsense the vault unlocked and the heavy and large silver vault door swung wide open. “Okay then here it IS!” said the hatter showing Baki a glass case.

The case itself was magnificent with golden frames and golden roses inscribed into it but more importantly and beautiful than the magnificent case was the legendary weapons of Pater. “The sword of Dios…” The Hatter introduced. Baki unsheathed the blade of the majestic sword to reveal a powerful and mighty white metal blade. “Said to have the power to change the world and bring with it revolution.” He states as Baki sheathed the sword and held it at his side. Baki noted the other note worthy objects in the glass case, “Odin’s Shield…” Said the Mad Hatter resting the shield against his elbow. The shield had the design of an owl on it and had the colors of blue and gold with a sterling silver rim. “Will defend you from any attack and is wholly and entirely indestructible”, Said the hatter knocking on the shield with his knuckles.

He turned to Baki with a coy smile and cat like grin that could compete with the Chestier cat. “And last but certainly not least…” the mad hatter stated as he showed Baki through the glass silver steel plated knight’s armor. “The armor of Arc or spoken in ancient tongue Le Armour de Arc said the red haired mad hatter. “It was crafted by dwarves AND elves centuries before the prophecy was revealed. It is said to be given to the savior who is to come. That’s you Baki.” He said turning to him “You will be forever know as the savior of Wonder Land. How does that feel?” Baki took a pause for breath and closed his eyes. He thought of all that has happened to him since he had fallen down the rabbit hole, he almost cried realizing the greatest adventure ever told to mankind is about to end. He sniffled up a bit and with a smile he said. “A little over the top for me but I think I can handle it.” The mad hatter slapped his cheek and laughed with a toothy buck grin. “Baki! You must be MAD to think that!” Baki smiled and said. “Sometimes a madman might be discovered to be a genius once he is mad enough.” He replied.

The mad hatter fitted the greaves on Baki first, and the metal shoes fit Baki’s feet perfectly. He then was dressed into the Armor of Arc. His body movement was somewhat restricted but he had enough mobility to move fast enough to counter a few apples, tea cakes, and tea cups and kettles thrown at him by the mad hatter. First and foremost he had to learn to move in that armor, Baki was use to dealing with massive amounts of weight on his back but this was new as the weight gathered all around his body Baki had to practice walking and running for a full hour until came the practice of using the shield. Baki held a short sword in his free hand to act as a offense while the large bronzed shield acted as an offense and a defense.

At first with a few chants of magic words of ancient times he was able to summon the chess pieces from midair to spar with Baki. “Rook to D9, Knight to C7” Commanded The mad Hatter as two chess pieces came forth. The Rook was an archer who stood atop a castle. The Rook aimed for Baki and Baki had a small struggle lifting the shield above his body but in the end he won out just in the niche of time and blocked the arrow as it bounced off his shield. The knight was a horseman who rose on horseback and attacked with a variety of weapons such as maces, spears, lances and the occasional sword yet this time the knight chose to attack with a battle hammer raising it above his head as he roared. Baki blocked it with his shield and knocked the edge against the horse knocking the knight off and then Baki brought the shield above him and slammed the edged rim of the shield against the chest of the knight knocking the wind out of him, Baki was already getting use to using the shield offensively. “Bravo Baki! Bravo!” cheered the mad hatter. “Since you know how to use the mighty strength of Odin’s Shield using the sword of Dios along with it would guarantee victory. “Now it’s time to learn about the use of…” he was interrupted by the sound of clapping hands and above them they saw the snow pale hands of the beautiful and legendary white queen herself. She smiled and walked down the marble staircase of the balcony above to the courtyard.

“Excellent use of the shield Baki, most excellent Now if you don’t mind I would like to see you handle the sword of Dios against a spar with the mad hatter. Hatter you are not to go easy on him is that understood?” Baki looks to the Red haired Mad hatter as he nods. “Yes your majesty. Your wish is my command.” Baki gives a smirk and unsheathes the Legendary and Majestic Sword of Dios and holds it in his hands letting his shield rest against his back. “your move Hatter…” Baki challenged with a friendly smirk. His sayian tale had free room to move behind him and he wrapped his tail around and against his waist for protection while his long jet black hair rested on his shoulders. He felt like the mighty lion who ruled the savannah with his mighty mane. The hatter tipped his hat and unsheathed a sword from his walking cane. “Then let’s go.”

The hatter began with a quick dash and fake jab to the right but then raises his sword to land a vertical slice on Baki. Baki raised the sword and blocked the attack and raised his leg to kick the hatter away and regain a solid stance and good footing. Baki went for a horizontal strike to follow up the block yet the Hatter blocked him by holding his sword vertical and parallel to his body. Baki leaned into his strike to make the two conflicting sword toward the hatter. The hatter attempted a spin but Baki stuck out his leg and tripped him sending the hatter on his back and sent his sword flying high up into the air. Baki caught the sword before it would fall and harm anyone and held the tip of the blade safely away from the mad hatter’s neck. “Touche…” announced Baki beaming with pride. He dropped their swords and held a hand out to help the Mad hatter up and they shook hands. The white queen was delighted. “Fast in Holy Armor, Indestructible with the Sacred Shield, and unstoppable with a Divine Sword of Dios. What Can’t you do?” Baki blushed and sheathed the Sword of Dios in its sheath and simply said. “Well...I can’t swim very well.” He admitted with a meek smile. Everyone laughed as they saw Baki’s light side of humor. “And honest too…Oh how wonderland is blessed to have a savior such as you. Be sure to eat your fill at a feast tonight and to have a good bed rest before the final showdown with that beastie jabberwocky.” She said. “FOOD!” Baki said. He at once dropped his things and ran to the dining hall to gorge himself on the food there. The mad hatter looked at him and said, “He better not touch me damn tea, that shit has some laced shit in that tea.” He joked to himself before laughing.

Somewhere in the word of wonderland the Red army marches towards the board of Destiny, the pieces have been set in set in place and now the War of the Roses is about to begin…

Chapter 10: The War to End all Wars… (The War of the Roses)

Baki marched at the head of the White Queen’s massive Army of White and Grey chess pieces. The Rooks had their towers and their bows ready to shoot at a moment’s notice. The Knights rode on their majestic white horses. Bishops held their bibles of Pater in hand and prayed and practiced casting spells to one another while the Queen stood next to Baki who had taken the title of King until the end of the battle. All chess pieces were to defend the queen and king at all costs while the strange company of people stood at the very front line to serve as pawns, The chestier cat, mad hatter, twiddle dee and twiddle dum, the march hare, the white rabbit and the door mouse all watched the front lines and with a moment’s notice would help lead the assault to Baki as soon as the war began. The rules of the chess game or as Baki saw it the war would have rules. The rules were simple. Each two forces have one champion to fight under their name no matter what race, gender, or age. For the white queen was Baki, and for the red Queen of hearts it was the dragon Jabberwocky. At the same time The armies must do battle with one another until one of the champions wins their duel. Then both armies will be under the will of whoever’s champion wins the duel to the death. Baki held his items in place and kept them by him at all times. It was an hour of marching later when they saw it. The field of fate, the battle field to determine who would rule wonderland forever. The red queen’s army approached from the opposite side and as did the white queen’s army. Each steppe off their horse and was escorted by a male companion. The white queen lead by the mad hatter and the red queen by the wild and dark red knave of hearts.

“JACK! SO GOOD TO SEE YOU!: said the mad hatter taking a courteous bow along with the white queen. The red queen didn’t bow yet the knave did remembering the manners of the battlefield. “Tis the king of hearts now.” Said the former knave holding hands with the vile and ugly red queen of hearts. She smiled like a satisfied baboon and said “so this is what is to become of wonderland n your hands? A court of hatters? And cats?” she laughed. The white queen shook her head and said. “Alas my poor sister why must you see fault in the world. I simply want the crown back so I can make wonderland a better place for…” she was interrupted by the red queen’s loud and rude statement. “NO! I WILL BE THE QUEEN OF WONDERLAND FOREVER! YOU WILL LIVE AS A SLAE TO ME! JABBERWOCKY!” the queen roared. From out of nowhere…a sound is heard. Quietly at first, but then it crashes to the ears of both armies. The dragon. A dragon unlike anything ever seen before. It had black scales with purple underbelly spikes on it’s belly and down it’s spine. The dragon roared snarling it’s vicious fangs and spouted green flame from his mouth and roared shaking the planet. Baki stood paralyzed for a moment scared.

“It’s alright Baki…” The white queen said sensing his fear. “I…All of wonderland, have faith in you.” She said. Baki gathered the courage in his heart and in his soul and dismounted off his horse. In his left hand he held the mighty Shield of Odin, on his right he carried the unsheathed and white glimmering sword of Dios, and finally the metal on Baki’s Back that he wore as armor was the might Armor of Arc. The Dragon looked at him and laughed. “It’s been predicted THIS can win? THIS?!?!?” he gave a cold laugh that sounded like a deep monotone of darkness.

“Let us finish this…” The Dragon challenged posing atop a hill overlooking the battle field. Baki mounted on his horse and kicked the stallion to gallop after the Dragon atop the lonely hill. As he did so the Mad hatter lead the queen back to the very last lines of the army. “Do not fret my queen they will be done most shortly.” The queen gave a peck on the cheek of the hatter and she said, “Good luck my brave soldier.” The hatter smiled and ran back to the front lines. He raised a sword in the air and he yelled. “CHARGE!” The war horns rung and the war of the roses was about to begin.

Baki galloped on his horse taking one finally look back. The long line of red cards came crashing down upon the first line of fighters for the white queen. The defenders of the white queen fought bravely. The door mouse herself was making a major battle call as she jabbed the eyes and arms of the cars with her tiny sword no better than a toothpick for some of the other creatures. The mad hatter tossed tea kettles at groups of cars and with the use of magic he would make the kettles explode in midair causing heavy casualty against the waves of red cards. Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum double teamed on the cards using several wrestling and grappling moves making and turning them into flat stacks. The front lines were holding well and Baki arrived at the top of the hill and then sent his horse away. “You are a good pony bill, you best leave no before that nasty dragon decides to eat you for lunch.” Baki said slapping the ass of the pony and shooing it off as he reached the top with the Dragon.

“Must you really battle me? Just surrender now and I promise to eat you and have it done quick.” Baki shook his head. “NO! I will fight for DUTY and for JUSTICE!” He said raising his sword. The Dragon laughed and said “Very well then…” The dragon cocked it’s head back and Baki predicted what was next and raised his shield just in time to block the green flames that poured from the dragon’s mouth against the unbreakable shield of Odin. The Dragon roared in Rage but while he did Baki ran up Beneath him and with his sword he chopped off one of the paws of the Dragon instantly leaving no time for him to recover.

The Dragon roared in rage and using it’s wings rose upward. “YOU TOOK MY HAND SAYIAN! BUT’LL I’LL TAKE YOUR LIFE!” Baki tossed the shield at the Dragon ripping a hole in it’s skin tissue and making it fall, the shield returned to Baki like a flying disk and he ran up to the Dragon’s neck as it wailed in pain and mercy and Raising the mighty sword of Dios above his head Baki announced. “OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!” And he sent his sword straight through the dragon’s neck.

The head of the Dragon rolled down the hill right into the center of the battlefield making a noise after each roll. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! It echoed. The Jabberwocky was slain and Baki was victorious. Baki raised his green blood stained sword in the air and gave a victory screech. “GAAAHHH! AHHHHH!” he roared. The white army raised their weapons in truimpth and roared with Baki. “AHH!” they screamed. The red queen looked on her dead dragon and a tear rolled from her eyes. “What are you standing for FOOLS?!?! ATTACK!” The red cards, all of them turned to their queen. “It is over, you have lost the war. We now serve the White Queen and you are under arrest…” The red cards had surrounded the red queen of hearts and she yelled. “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!”The white queen walked to her and spoke. “Sister you and your new husband are now considered traitors to wonderland, I hereby Banish you from wonderland. Forever.” Her sister gasped as she was handcuffed to the King of hearts and the former knave tried pleading with the white queen. “I always loved you over her, PLEASE KILL ME! PUNISH ME FOR MY CRIMES! DO NOT LET ME BE WITH HER!” the white queen shook her head sadly. “I do not kill any living being.” The king unsheathed a knife and raised it above her sister’s head and was stopped by the red cards hand that seized the knife before it penetrated the skin of the queen.

“HE TRIED TO KILL ME! HE TRIED TO KILL ME!” Roared the red queen, the hatter went up to the white queen “Their Mad…” he said.

Baki went to the white queen in his shining armor and kneeled before her, “Wonderland is yours oh mighty queen. May your rule be pleasant and fill wonderland with years of peace and harmony.” The queen arose and said. “Baki what about you? Do you wish to go home?” Baki though fro a minute and said. “I would love to stay in wonderland but…I have too many responsibilities in life however I will visit wonderland again someday….before I die. The queen smiled and said, “when you blink three times you will awake in the bottom of a rabbit hole.” Baki blinked. “What?”

The Queen restated her query, “When you blink for a third time you will wake up in the bottom of a rabbit hole.” Baki scratched his head. “So was this a dream?” He said blinking for a second time. “Of coarse not…everybody is real…you will just open your eyes to find yourself in a bottom of a rabbit hole. If you decide to remember us as a dream do so but just remember somewhere out there , there was a land who needed a hero. And you came and saved us all, thank you…” She said leaning in to give Baki a kiss. Her lips landed on Baki and Baki blinked for a third time. In a flash of white light he was gone and all that remained of him in wonderland was the legendary objects he fought the Dragon with, The Armor of Arc, The Shield of Odin and the Sword of Dios…

“Farwell Baki Ookami…” Said the queen as she had a silver tear well up in her eye.

Baki opened his eyes and found himself at the bottom of a very long and dark pit. He flew up and landed perfectly on his feet and examined himself. He felt a hell of a lot stronger and faster yet he didn’t even do anything but go into he rabbit hole. “I’m not chasing rabbits anymore…” He said brushing the dirt and mud off his orange gi and black hair. He noticed something blue on his pants. “What’s this?” He said examining it. He held it up by a finger and noticed it was a blue caterpillar. “Oh…Hello friend. You look familiar.” He said examining it. The caterpillar wiggled as if making letters with its movements and spelled the letters. O R U…Baki laughed. “You remind me of someplace I’ve been to a long time ago…

Baki placed the caterpillar in the top of a leaf in the middle of a tree and dashed for master yoshi’s island he had just gotten an idea for a book. It would be an adventure story for children. It would be about a girl named Alice, and one day she followed a white rabbit down a rabbit hole…
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