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 Re-called to life

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PostSubject: Re-called to life   Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:32 pm

(for good guys)
Overview: The angel known as Davdi has decided to restore life back to the most powerful fighter in heaven. The reason behind this is because that the universe has become unbalanced and that good must gain some leverage back in the world. The strongest fighter will be determinded by a tournament. Their are 32 fighters choosen by Davdi to partake in the tournament and you were one of the lucky few. Good luck.
Requirements: +250 alighnment, 200,000 PL
Rewards: Restored to life (you are brought back to the planet you died on unless you have instant transmission)

(For bad guys)
Overview: The demon known as Lucifer has decided that the world is too quiet now adays and he needs someone to send to the living realm to make things chaotic and amuse him while he watches things from hell.
he is holding a underground fighting tounrament. There are spikes all around the arena and on the walls and almst every demon and oni in hell is in the tournament. Prove yourself and slay them all and come back to life.
Requirements: -250 alighnment and 200,000 PL
rewards: Restored to life (you are brought back to the planet you died on unless you have instant transmission)
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Re-called to life
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