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 Unlock Potential

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PostSubject: Unlock Potential   Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:13 am

Daichi was flying through Namek in search of Lord Baki, until he accidentally crashes head first into a mountain. *Bang*

Daichi: Ow! That hurt! *Rubs head* Man someone needs to tell people about putting these things in the middle of nowhere.Someone could really get hurt if they hit this thing hard enough, I'm serious and that''s rare!

Daichi flies higher to try to go over the mountain, but instead come's to a mysterious looking white building.

Daichi: What could this be? I guess I can take a little detour and go exploring for a while. There's no way Baki could get angry for this, because I highly doubt he knows i'm even looking for him. Still if he did, i'm sure this would be a whole lot easier cause damn is it hard to find his ass.

Daichi walks up to the building and the door opens. Like one of those futuristic movies like the Jetsons.

Daichi: Hell! (echo) hello,hello,hello.Is anybody home! (Echo) is, any body home, home, home?

Guru: Who dare's disturb my rest!? (echo) rest,rest,rest.

Daichi hears this mysterious deep voice and deside's to go deeper.

OOC:Isn't the point of mysterious voices a sign to get the hell out of there!!!!!!!!!!(echo) here,here,here

Daichi: Who is the warrior I hear!? It better not be a demon.

Guru: I am Guru, Namek's guardian. Who goes there!?

Daichi: It is I, Daichi a warrior of the planet frieza. Hold da' hell up! Did you just say you were the guardian, then why the hell were you just taking a nap?

Guru: How pure of a heart do you have?

OOC:Why the hell do I ask him why was he takin' a nap, and he replies with a question. His ass must not want to answer the fuckin question.

Daichi: I am the only good kind of my race. I plan to one day try to speak with my people and have them change thier ways of evil.

Guru: Come here, I have a little present for you.

Daichi flies deeper into the building until he come's across a giant green old ass namekian upon a throne.

Daichi:What is it that you needed give me to me?

Daichi: How do you do that?

Guru: Come closer

Daichi flew up until he came up to the head of the lead namekian. Guru places his hand over Daichi's head and unlocks DAICHI TRUE HIDDEN POWER. Daichi felt his power rising by the second.

Daichi: Wow ! Thank You!

Daichi flies out of the building to find Baki, one more.
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PostSubject: Re: Unlock Potential   Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:29 am

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Unlock Potential
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