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 I pledge alligence..to the dark lord

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PostSubject: I pledge alligence..to the dark lord   Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:11 am

quest: i pledge alligence..to the dark lord
overview: king dabura is impressed by your evil and deems you a "knight of satan" and burns an upside down cross onto your chest. he teaches you to posses people from hell and spread fear into the world opf the living.
requirements: -90 alighnment
rewards: "posses" teqnuique (can posses any NPC character with a negitive alighnment),and -30 alighnment

Keitaro didn't know what happend first he was traning. And then he was in a room with the demon king holding a branding iron in the shape of an up side down cross. "Keitaro....I here by deem you a knight of satan." the demon king said as he burned the cross onto keitaro's chest. Keitaro took the pain as it was nothing compared to other things in his life. As soon the cross was lifted from his chest he was marked with it for life. He was told to report to the castle the next morning.

As he came to the castle the next morning dabura was in this throne. "Keitaro i am going to teach you a very importent skill...I am going to teach you how to posses people." the demon king said. Dabura told keitaro to concentrait on one perosn and keep it that way. Keitaro looked at a little blue imp and foucused on him. Soon keitaro's body was out like a burned light and went at the little imp. As the imp had a weak mind there wasent much to get into some one as strong keitaro other then a weak barrier which he tore through like a piece of paper. "Good keitaro that is all." the demon king said.

[OOC:I know its short but i dont have any clue on how to go about this]
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PostSubject: Re: I pledge alligence..to the dark lord   Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:20 am

Approved you now have mind grab. and -30 alignment.
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I pledge alligence..to the dark lord
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