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 Bad Day for them(Complete)

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PostSubject: Bad Day for them(Complete)   Bad Day for them(Complete) EmptyMon Jul 12, 2010 9:09 pm

Daichi is walking through a city when he begins having thoughts. "Well if Baki isn't here, then whose second in command? I definately don't want to do it, that's to big of a responsibility for me. So I guess the least I can do is try to find ways to comunicate with him." Daichi then looks up and see's a huge crowd of people surrounding an area. "What the hell could that be?" Daichi ask's himself as he floats up to try to see above the crowd. He see's a tall skinny blond boy sgning autographs.

"AAAAHHHHH!!!" The girls begin screaming, apparently they were getting a llittle over eexcited over one dude. "Really? All for one guy. Seriously, dude! I have a tail, a shiny ass head, horns, armor...and come one! I am mutha' fuckin' twelve years old! And no one's surrounding me!" Daichi says as he begins flying. "Man i sure wish I could kick his ass."

"I'm sorry, but folk's but I've gotta rehearse for my big shot! See ya' later." The blonde hired super star says as he goes into a building and take's out a pistol. "Aigh't mutha fucka's it's time to ride deez n****z!" The blonde headed super star says as he locks the door, thier are children behind him. "If ya'll ugly ass kids make a single noise, yall' mutha fucker's is goin' to be sent to mutha' fuckin hell."

Daichi notices a tv turn on in one of the windows. "Breaking news! Our beloved blonde haired super star has gone on a rampage, and is kidnapping ugly ass children for his own gain. This is Rebecca and if you're watching this lame ass new's production then go to hell and protect ya ugly ass children! Alright, now back to you chuck." Rebecca, a news reporter says on the television screen.

"Alright, before I didn't have a reason on why I wanted to whoop his ass. But now I do." Daichi says as he charges for the studio which where the children were kept hostage."

"Alright! Yes thank God!" Daichi shouts as he begins celebrating. "Ow god! Yes! Before I wanted to kick his ass, but now I can whoop the shit out of that mutha fucker!" Daichi says. Daichi crack's his knucles and senses for that blonde bastard's energy.

"Where would a superstar be keeping children, hm?' Daichi asks himself. Daichi closes his eyes and tries to sense for the superstars powerlevel. "Ah Ha!" Daichi shouts as he lets off a burst of energy and flies to the location. Crash! Daichi crashes to the ground creating a crater. "All right, it's show time." Daichi says as he tip toes inside of the building.

"Hey!" Daichi hears screams coming from behind him. "What are you doing here?" A dude in a black suit wearing shades yells.
Daichi teleports behind the guy and breaks his neck. "Shut up." Daichi says. "I will not let anyone get hurt." Daichi says trying to seem like he cared for the little children although all he wanted to do was whoop that stars ass. Daichi then takes off the mans outfit and puts it on. "Alittle small but it will have to do" Daichi says as he dashes down the halls. He see's a room with the number 3 on it. "Hm, what room could this be?" Daichi asks himself as he turns the door knob.

"What are you doing here!?" Agroup of men say from behind him. Daichi turns around and blasts a barrage of ki blasts at each one. "Ugh!" The men scream as they are blasted by balls of energy. "Ha! Don't mess with me." Daichi says as he runs to the room the superstar is in. "I can sense your energy. Come out already!" Daichi shout through the door. "Wh...Whose there?" A voice shouts through the door. "My name is Daichi, I am a twelve year old boy." Daichi shouts back. "Oh, if you're a little kid get your ass in here!" The voice shouts at Daichi. "Okay." Daichi says as he twists the door knob and opens it.

"Get on the floor!" The man yells at Daichi. "Who are you talkin to?" Daichi says. "You little runt." The superstar says as he takes out a gun and pulls the trigger. Daichi then teleports behind him before the bullet came close to him. "Guns don't hurt me." Daichi says as hegrabs the man by his arms and throws him through the walls. "Ha!" Daichi laughs as he Sycs up and teleports behind his opponent and grabs him by his head. "Now give me one reason why I shouldn't break your neck right now!" Daichi yells at his opponent. Daichi then throws his opponent out side as he yelled to the bystanders. "Call the police, now!" The people then took out thier phones and began dialing the number. The man then gets up and attempts to run. Daichi then charges his ki up and blasts the man with a golden rod attack! "Golden Rod!" A golden blast emits from Daichi's hand as it begins to head in the direction of the superstar. "Oh sh.." The man dosn't finish his sentence as he is blasted.

"Serve's you right" Daichi says as he flies up into the air. The police then arrive and run up to the fallen superstar "Hey man, I know you're unconsience and all but can I have your autograph?" The police say to the superstar. "Are you fuckin' kidding me!? His ass is tore the hell up and thier asses are still surrounding his ass." Daichi yells. "Oh wait, I forgot about the children." Daichi says as he returns to help untie the children.

"Where'd they go?" Daichi questions himself when he see's the children are gone. "Oh, don't tell me." Daichi sasys as he goes outside and see's the children surrounding the superstar. "Oh, you mother fucker's can burn in hell for all I care!" Daichi yells as he reverts to his original transformation as he flies off feeling pissed off.
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PostSubject: Re: Bad Day for them(Complete)   Bad Day for them(Complete) EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 9:05 am

8,000 pl awarded.
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Bad Day for them(Complete)
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