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 Climbing lookout tower(Alternate Version)(Complete)

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Climbing lookout tower(Alternate Version)(Complete) Empty
PostSubject: Climbing lookout tower(Alternate Version)(Complete)   Climbing lookout tower(Alternate Version)(Complete) EmptyMon Jul 12, 2010 9:00 pm

Daichi is walking through the forest searching for the look out tower where he was supposedly supposed to meet some cat whom would give him power. Daichi says "How hard is it supposed to be to find a tower with a walking old cat on top." Daichi says. Daichi finally spots a tower. "Could this be the legendary Korin's Tower?" Daichi says with curiosity. Daichi runs up to the tower. Most would have expected him to grab the tower to climb it but no he started to think. "It would take me far to long for me to climb this tower maybe I should...." Daichi stops talking adn begins to focus his energy into the palm of his hand. Daichi says "I hope others were smart enough to think of this idea." Daichi continues to concentrate his energy into a golden ball. Daichi holds his hand to the ground. Daichi then says "Golden Rod!" He blasts the ground sending him flying him up into the air. Daichi feels the wind blowing against his face as he goes up...up...and....up! Daichi is almost to the top almost as fast as it would have taken him to fly..."Damn I should have flown!" Daichi screams. He sees the top of the tower and grabs the edge so he doesn't keep going up into the air. He then climbs onto the tower and sees a white cat that looks like he's over lived his time. Daichi walks up to the cat and says "Korin?" The cats hairs stand up as he says "Wha...Whose there?" Daichi says "my name is Daichi I uh....climbed your tower." Korin looks at the changeling boy "You climbed the tower?" Daichi responds "Well... technologically speaking I blasted myself up here?" Korin looks at the boy and says "You could've flown up here ya know" Daichi then says "Yeah I kinda thought that when I was already blasting myself up here." Korin says "You're kind of a slow thinker." Daichi responds "I wasn't thinking clearly." Korin then says "Well....what did you come this way for." Daichi says "I came for training." Korin says "Ah...A fighter you are." Daichi says "Yes I am." Korin says "Alright shall we begin." Daichi nods.
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Climbing lookout tower(Alternate Version)(Complete) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Climbing lookout tower(Alternate Version)(Complete)   Climbing lookout tower(Alternate Version)(Complete) EmptyMon Jul 19, 2010 11:45 am

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Climbing lookout tower(Alternate Version)(Complete)
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