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  Calm Down Jr.(Complete)

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PostSubject: Calm Down Jr.(Complete)   Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:44 pm

Daichi was flying around feeling a little down with his student Vogota being dead and all. "Crap. I wonder how well of training he is receiving without my assistance? If he finds any of the Z fighter members then he'll probably be even stronger than me by the time he comes back." Daichi then lands to the ground. Boom! "What was that?" Daichi had heard the explosion and was already on his way to try to solve the problem, if there was one. Daichi then comes across the area and see's a group of awkward looking specimens. "What the...?" Daichi questions as he see's five creatures not seeming to be human, changeling, namekian, or saiyan. Daichi walks up to the creatures and asks "So what seems to be the problem?" The Creatures respond with a "Gooh!" "Apparently you guys don't speek a language anyone in this universe can understand." Daichi remarks. All five of the cell jr emit a blue blast towards Daichi. "Holy..." Boom! Each of the blasts had struck Daichi. A huge puff of smoke surrounds the area. The Cell junior begin laughing for they believe they had defeated Daichi. As the smoke begins to fade so do the creatures laughing. "So, what happend to all of the laughter, huh?" Daichi questions. The creatures laughter turn to horror as they see Daichi's muscles had grew and they were all veiny. Daichi then charges an energy ball in he hands and then releases it hitting one of the cell junior, the creature had fallen to the ground dead. Daichi then begins to laugh for a moment until he see's the garlic junior doing something he had never seen before. The creatures had fused together to form another more taller creature looking like Cell. The creature's powerlevel had risen to 88,000. Guess what? That's still not greater than Daichi's syced up power mode. Daichi then dashes at the creatures and kicks "him" in the stomach. The creature then crouches over and grasps stomach due to the pain. Daichi jumps up into the air and begins to charge a golden rod into the palm of his hand. "Alright it's time to die!" Daichi screams as he then blasts it at Cell "junior". The creature then does a back flip to jump out of the way. There was a huge explosion caused. The area was being blown away. There was a huge creater formed where the blast had hit and Cell "Junior" was directly in the center. Daichi's syced up form then began to wear off. Luckily he was still more stronger than his opponent. Daichi then charges at the creature and then upper cuts him into the air. Daichi then takes out his staff and jumps into the air and knocks Cell to the ground. "Ha!" Daichi laughs for a brief second then lands to the ground. "Cell "junior" then jumps to his feet and the takes out his tail to try to absorb Daichi! Daichi then does a side step out of the way and then grabs the tail and begins to twirl Cell "junior" by it. He then throws "him" up into the air and charges a golden rod. He then sycs up for a moment and blasts the beam at Cell "junior". "GOLDEN ROD!" Daichi screams as the blast hits cell. The heat of the wave begins to burn vell's skin off of his body. "ACK!" Cell screams as his body fades away. Daichi's syced up form begins to wear off and so does his blast. Daichi then flies off through the sky to fly to try to found out what planet the rest of the members of the Z-Team were. "When I find out where, i'll be there." Daichi says as he speeds up.
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Calm Down Jr.(Complete)
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