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PostSubject: Ka-Me-Ha-Me-HAA!   Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:09 pm

Quest: Now that you've shown how much your speed has improved, its time to work on that strength of yours. Master Roshi has pointed out a huge boulder, when you are able to move it 20 yards, Master Roshi will teach you his signature Kamehameha Wave

Requirements: complete the "exceed human limitations" Quest

Rewards: Kamehameha Wave and 5,500pl

Ichiro was flying back over to Master Roshi's, ' Ahh After I took that shell off yesterday I feel lighter then a feather! ' Ichiro began to flicker to Master Roshi's, he was there almost instantly, then he flickered back to his starting point, then did the same thing. He flickered back and forth, until finally he stopped flickering and stayed at Master Roshi's place. Then he flickered to the door, and then knocked on it, ' I love being so fast! ' Then Master Roshi answred the door, but there was no one there. He came outside looking around to see if anybody was there, then Ichiro flickered in with a taco, ' Ola Amigo! ' Ichiro said as he gulped the taco down in a quick second, then wiped his face off. ' Alrighty then! Ichiro before you learn the technique I want you to move that boulder twenty yards, try to make it go as far as you can in a instant. ' ' Alright I'll start on it Immediately. ' Then Ichiro flickered over to the giant rock, stuck his finger's under it, picked it up then flickered away as far as he could. ' Alright well the part that was useless is out of the way. ' Ichiro rubbed the dirt off oh his hands. Master Roshi's jaw was wide open.

Then Master Roshi began to walk down to the beach. ' Well sonny! Your a great student, And I love training you. But here is my last teaching, unless you drop by some other time. I'm going to teach you the Kamehameha! ' Master Roshi cuffed his right hand's, then he started to charge his ki in a single point, 'Ka- ' Then a little blue and white sphere was in the middle of his hand. 'Me-' The sphere grew. 'Ha! ' It grew even larger. ' HA! ' Then Master Roshi thrusted his hands foward, unleashing a long white&blue energy beam. It was unleashed into the ocean making it ripple the water. ' Wow! That's a strong move! ' Then Master Roshi told Ichiro it's his turn to try doing the move.

Ichiro put his right hand to his side, ' Ka! ' The white&blue sphere appeared in the middle of his hand. 'Me! It grew a little. 'Ha! It was half the size of Ichiro's hand now. 'Me! ' Then it was a little bigger then Ichiro's hand, and you could really see the blue part of it now. ' Haaa! ' Then Ichiro thrusted his hand foward, but instead of a white and blue beam coming out, it wasn't a beam, it looked like a giant ki blast. ' Ahhh! That one was wrong. I gotta try again! ' Then Ichiro put his hand out once more, 'Ka!' Once Again he sphere grew in his pal, from focusing ki unto the point. ' Me! ' The sphere grew a little. 'Haa! ' It was the size of Ichiro's hand now. 'Meee! ' Then it grew once more ready to be fired. 'HAA! ' Then Ichiro thrusted his hands outwards, making a long blueish&whiteish beam come outside of his hands and making the giant rock beside Master Roshi's house explode into many tiny peices.,' Oh well I was meaning to get a new rock anyway! ' Master Roshi said laughing. ' Well that's your training sonny! I made you faster, stronger and you learned my Kamehameha! So stop by again if you have time another day! ' ' Alright! Thanks Master Roshi, I'll see you later maybe! ' They both bowed and took a stare at each other for a minute or two. Then Ichiro flew off once more, and Master Roshi walked inside the tiny pink house.
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PostSubject: Re: Ka-Me-Ha-Me-HAA!   Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:15 pm

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