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 Assassination assignment 1

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PostSubject: Assassination assignment 1   Assassination assignment 1 EmptySat Jul 10, 2010 8:08 pm

It was that time. Where all bets were off, and where all information was needed, it was assassination time. Ritzusen had worked hard for this and really wanted to find Alex so he could put an end to his reign of terror. It was only a matter of time before he could have his way with the demon spirit. He had been known to revive himself after being killed. He was nearly immortal. Nearly immortal. The Saiyan had heard about his plagues upon villages that he had never heard of for he was on the other side of the village. He was now about to collect all seven Namekian Dragonballs and wish for his power. Hear-say is that he was collecting the last one. But that was hear-say. The Saiyan needed more information then a hunch. Rumors would get him caught and get him nowhere near his target. It would only lead him to deception and hate of others who had done no wrong. As an assassin, he had to eavesdrop, pickpocket, interrogate, and finally assassinate the man who had caused him and the Namekian in which sacrificed his life, pain. Blood pumped hot through his veins and his senses were more heightened than ever. The Saiyan felt as if he could sniff out any scent or see any piece of dust floating in the air. Maybe he could.

Ritzusen looked around the perimeter by shifting his eyes from one spot to the next. He was trying to detect any suspicious activity around the area so he could drop in on conversations or pickpocket someone. He could also interrogate those who he heard speaking. It was his duty after all. Suddenly, two interesting character came into his line of site. One was wearing a red cap with white lining and a gold tassel hanging from the side. He was also wearing a lion symbol on his chest which meant he was part of the brother hood. He was chatting with a Namekian in a purple shirt with no sleeves. His pants were the same color and had tears in the knees. His shoes were the normal moccasins that they wore around, pointy, brown, and interesting to watch. Two antennas came from the front of his forehead and his pointy ears seemed to be glassy. Ritzusen looked down and seen nothing but dirt. He was atop a dilapidated building and could not find his way out. The Saiyan turned around to see a wall behind him. He then jumped towards the other beam from his crouched position. The assassin began hammering the building with both hands. His hooks smashed into the wood causing it to make a gap just big enough for his body to fit in.

The Saiyan looked down and seen the murky green waters below flowing smoothly over rocks causing erosion. Nature was beautiful but he had not time to waste. Ritzusen lifted into the air and extended both hands beside his head. He then dove into the water with his boots close together. His body was embraced by the wind and nearly caused his hood to fly from his face. After a few seconds of free fall, Ritzusen was inside of the still waters. He held his breath under the liquid and began clawing his way to the top. He gasped for air as his head came over the surface along with some of his torso. The assassin looked towards the building in which he had jumped from. It was about 6 feet tall. He then scouted where the two in conversation were at. They were just ahead at shore. Ritzusen paddled his arms and legs faster and faster to increase his speed. He then grabbed onto the ledge of the rock and climbed up to the level ground. He kept low in order to keep a low profile. It was always the best way to go to avoid anyone from spotting you and or catching you in the act. There was a small bench with two other Namekians sitting on it. He walked past his targets casually and sat down on the seat. This grabbed their attention and caused them to stop their conversation. Just as he sat down, they continued to speak. Ritzusen started to listen in.

“Have you gotten his decree yet?” The young Namekian asked the man in the weird clothing.

“Its right here,” He spoke, “Deliver it back to him with my signature.”

“It will be done.”

The Namekian picked a brown pouch up from the ground and strapped it on his waist. He then opened the pouch in the back and placed the decree inside. He began to walk forwards and proceed through the peaceful town. Just as he and his accomplice left, he picked himself up off of the bench after pushing on his knees. He then started to follow the green man to his destination. Ritzusen took baby steps to make it look like he was just a stroller along the town and was simply trying to browse the area. After a few feet of walking, the Saiyan began to walk faster. Without looking, the assassin extended his left hand to the pouch and slowly pulled it from his waist. He then placed the pouch down his shirt and began to walk off. Ritzusen looked for a corner where he could read it at. There was one about 2 feet away and had a small space that he could use. The Saiyan crossed his legs and sat down on the floor. He then read the decree to himself. It was short, but it was to the point and gave him much information about what was going on.

The letter read:

[Alex’s Decree

I am Alexander Krauss, leader of this city. I am a dictator, an evil one. But I am going to make this short, sweet, and to the point for you good man.

I decree that no one may enter my kingdom unless they are a resident and or a military or a politician. I have the Dragonballs now and any outsiders would ruin my plans.

-Alex Krauss
Signature on bottom line
Jarabo Huden]

Ritzusen folded the decree back up and placed it into the pouch. He now had evidence, but not enough to strike. It was time for him to find more. Next he was going to look for someone to interrogate. Nowadays on Namek many people protest and speak to the citizens like preachers. Two guards would stand at their side and allow them to speak freely. Anyone who rushed in had a likely chance of dying. The Saiyan heard a faint voice just a few blocks from his current position. It was possibly a speaker, speaking of Alex Krauss and whether it was a speaker or not, he had to take a look. The Saiyan placed both of his hands on the ground and lifted his body up from it. His back leaned some for he had moved his body weight in which it would happen that way. He then began to dart down the block with his hands waving and his feet kicking the back of his suit. He was getting better at his job as it came along. Even though it was his first mission, it seemed as if he had been doing this his whole life. The hero soon slowed down at the sight of the man speaking. He was right; it was a speaker for Alex. He spoke of how he was helping planet Namek and was going to use the Dragonballs to strengthen his and their defenses.

“Bingo,” Ritzusen spoke.

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PostSubject: Re: Assassination assignment 1   Assassination assignment 1 EmptySat Jul 10, 2010 11:07 pm

i dont think this is a mission so add 10,000 to your pl
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Assassination assignment 1
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