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 Blob Rope.

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PostSubject: Blob Rope.   Sat Jul 10, 2010 6:52 pm

Name of Move:Blob rope.

Description of Move:A majin pulls off a piece of themself and it stretches out to a 10 foot laffy taffy type thing. When wrapped around the opponent it hardens with the same power level as the user. Once caught the enemy can not block any attacks for 3 posts. (Except death then they can break out.)

Who can use the move (Anyone or just your character):Raz

PL Required to learn (Only if anyone is allowed use the move):50,000

Move Alignment (Good, Evil, Neutral, or Any):any

Race Only (If the move is restricted to certain races only):Majin

Note: You are allowed to automatically learn a move with every 100,000 PL as long as it gets approved first.
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Blob Rope.
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